How Grenadier Energy Scaled Its Exploration Workflows with ComboCurve

Industry : Upstream Oil and Gas
Solution : ComboCore

See how your team can go from forecast to economics in minutes with energy’s fastest analysis engine.

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The Challenge

Effectively screen and evaluate assets on a large scale across the entire United States. Grenadier Energy needed to quickly pivot from looking at assets in a focused area in one county to assessing acreage across the country.

The Solution

  • Automated decline curve analysis
  • Scaled type curve generation
  • Streamlined well sensitivity workflows
  • Fast forecast comparisons

The Impact

Grenadier used ComboCurve to accelerate its asset hunting process without sacrificing quality. The company drastically reduced the time required to harvest and analyze its data.

Engineers can swiftly forecast, generate type curves, and run economic sensitivities blending data from multiple sources for a complete picture of prospects. ComboCurve’s cloud-based platform with built-in automation provides the speed and scale to screen deals in every basin throughout the United States.

Grenadier’s Return
on Investment

  • Located a lucrative asset in record time
  • Saved time exporting data to work in other programs
  • ComboCurve is constantly updated and improved based on their feedback

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