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Sep 21, 2022

ComboCurve Steers Net-Zero Future With Industry Leading GHG Hires


Apr 12, 2022

Energy Technology Firm ComboCurve Announces $50M Series B Financing


Apr 13, 2022

ComboCurve, empresa de tecnología energética, anuncia financiamiento Serie B de US $ 50 millones


Nov 10, 2021

ComboCurve continues remarkable growth supporting the most innovative energy companies in transforming their business

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ComboCurve Raises $50M Series B


Apr 12, 2022

Fast-growing energy fintech startup raises $50M series B

Laura Furr Mericas

Apr 12, 2022

Oil and gas-focused startup raises at least $10M to expand cloud-based platform

By Emily Burlenson

Reporter, Houston Business Jornal

Dec 1, 2021

Energy Tech Startup ComboCurve Marks Growth Milestone in Rapid Time

By Len Vermillion

Hart Energy

Nov 10, 2021


Jeremy Gottlieb: pumping up the energy industry

By Tom Lardner

EY Americas Alumni Executive Sponsor

Apr 16, 2021

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