Navigating Survivorship Bias

A Deep Dive into ComboCurve's Utilization of the Hybrid Averaging Technique

Type curve biases affect well performance predictions, risking inaccurate production estimates and negatively impacting revenue or long-term cashflow.

The Hybrid Average approach has proven to deliver more reliable projections for better decision-making. The right data helps mitigate economic risk in favor of economic gains.

Limitations of Traditional Averaging Methods

Understand the pitfalls of conventional type curve averaging and how it can lead to overestimated production forecasts.

Survivorship Bias

The Impact, errors, and how survivorship bias affects well performance projections, plus learn strategies to mitigate its influence.

Advantages of Hybrid Average Methodology in ComboCurve

An overview of the benefits of ComboCurve's hybrid average methodology, including more accurate visualizations and informed decision-making for improved reservoir economics.


Wells Evaluated in Economic Scenarios




Type Curves Created