How EQT Used ComboCurve Automation to Save Engineers Time and Stress

Industry : Upstream Oil and Gas
Solution : ComboCore

See how your team can go from forecast to economics in minutes with energy’s fastest analysis engine.

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The Challenge

EQT came to ComboCurve for an intuitive forecasting and reserves solution it could scale without adding significantly more horsepower and headcount. The Reserves team wanted to employ automation statistics and ensure uniformity in its forecasting workflows.

The Solution

  • Auto-forecast thousands of wells in minutes
  • Simple data sharing to accelerate collaboration
  • Make better decisions, faster

The Impact

EQT brought transparency to its reporting, forecasting, and economics workflows with ComboCurve. The Reserves team went from creating reports in three or four days to three or four hours.

Public oil and gas companies are under extraordinary scrutiny from regulators and investors. Reserves Engineers make multi-million dollar decisions under high pressure with limited information. ComboCurve brought EQT speed and clarity to decisions while enhancing quality.

EQT’s Returnon Investment

  • Easy onboarding and adoption while saving time and gaining customization
  • Eliminated redundant data and processes
  • Regular updates and improvements based on user feedback

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