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Perform world-class resource evaluation faster than any other tool.

Forget about steep learning curves.

Transition away from legacy software with the easiest and fastest SaaS in Energy.

5-minute turn time on support tickets.

Get best in class help from engineers who respond with a sense of urgency.

Enjoy dozens of upgrades with every update.

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Reduce reporting noise with configurable PDFs.

Tailor your exports by configuring them to include only the important, relevant data that matters to your audience.

  • Create easily digestible PDFs that provide key data without the noise.
  • Configure exports to include hybrid time reporting, time series outputs, one-line metrics, logos, headers, economic assumptions, and dates.
  • Save templates that meet your requirements in a standardized format.
  • Elevate your PDFs and improve clarity with just a few clicks.
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Create, evaluate, and scope more mineral deals.

Come up to 21st century speed and standards with ComboCurve.

  • Calculate valuation scenarios with price decks, costs, and other assumptions within minutes.
  • Invest more money in meaningful projects with better accuracy and confidence.
  • Generate more cash flow and profits.
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Forecast wells and run economic scenarios faster.

Easy menu navigation, logical data structures, and accurate auto-forecasting amplifies productivity.

  • Auto-forecast 1,000+ wells in less than 3 minutes.
  • Calculate asset and one-liner economics for 1,000+ of wells in minutes.
  • Run as many as 10 simultaneous economic scenarios.
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Eliminate unnecessary subscriptions.

Stop relying on limited and poorly engineered solutions. Tie together forecasting and type curves in a single robust tool.

  • Combine Spotfire, ARIES, PHDWin, and other tools into a single integrated platform.
  • Visualize your data, select, and filter
  • Create heat maps to spot production trends.
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