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Stop spending money and time on third-party reserve teams.

Perform world-class resource evaluation 7x faster than any other tool.

Create accurate type curves.

Use economics based on normalized representative wells in minutes.

Integrate data-rich heat maps.

Build economic sensitivities and development plans into actionable dashboards.

Streamline planning and evaluations.

Create consistent processes and iterate at no additional cost as new information becomes available.

Gain valuable insights into well economics.

Compositional economics provides detailed, component-level analysis and pricing for gas and NGL streams.

  • Model different components of a stream to accurately estimate the economic value of a well.
  • Pinpoint estimates of revenue for purity products like ethane, propane, or helium.
  • Make informed strategic decisions regarding plant efficiencies, facility design, and compression investments.
  • Optimize strategies and management with more accurate representations of field conditions and estimates of revenue.
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Develop accurate producer forecasts with ComboCurve Proximity.

Understand PDP blowdowns for production delivering into your asset – even for nascent wells lacking historical data.

  • Update forecasts month-over-month based on new production. Create accurate operational plans and budgets.
  • Quality-check wedge volumes your producers provide. Identify true production forecasts vs. overstated streams.
  • Efficiently plan midstream assets around sensible producer forecasts. Avoid paying for idle equipment or unused space in your infrastructure.
  • Create streamlined and consistent planning and evaluation processes.
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Quickly create type curves.

Generate type curves to model production at current or planned assets.

  • Go beyond traditional type curve modules and forecasting tools with Excel-based models.
  • Add future production to current volumes. Get a complete view of coming production streams.
  • Layer drilling programs and adjust well schedules. Make confident decisions with limited data.
  • Understand single-well economics from the producer’s perspective. Successfully interpret midstream pricing dynamics.
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Have more engaging conversations with customers.

Be better prepared to perfectly price projects with data-driven customer insights.

  • See projects from your prospect’s perspective with auto-generated cash flow and cost analytics, sensitivities, and reserve summaries.
  • Compare customer-provided production runs to your own data set in seconds.
  • Merge A&D and company projects to run full portfolio valuations on even the largest well datasets.
  • Upload ComboCurve, Aries, and PHDwin forecasts for more efficient volume planning and more productive conversations.
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