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Do your work faster and with more confidence.

Save your engineers time.

Forecast 1,000 wells in less than 3 minutes. Quickly roll-up basin studies. Manage tens of thousands of wells per quarter easily.

No more data silos.

Makes it easier for teams to work on projects together. Foster collaboration while gaining greater data governance with version controls.

Reduce software and IT cost.

Eliminate the internal and external costs required to create and manage calculation, data management, and visualization tools.

Save time and increase confidence.

Manage company-wide reserve and portfolio projects with ease.

  • Manage wells or projects at the individual user level and merge back into a master project.
  • Apply approval statuses to individual forecast for easy management and control.
  • Understand and compare changes in forecasting and economics over time.
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Drive efficiency without growing headcount or adding expenses.

Do four days worth of work in four hours with ComboCurve. Compute power and constant iteration puts you in control of your time.

  • Generate wide ranging economic scenarios on the largest projects in minutes.
  • Reduce calculation wait times for projects up to 70%+ with power of cloud-based computing.
  • Eliminate unnecessary IT costs and VPN hurdles giving access to employees everywhere.
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Quickly evaluate A&D deals with high accuracy.

Make multi-million dollar decisions quickly and confidently.

  • Create full asset valuations regardless of well count within minutes.
  • Easily share and reuse forecasts, type curves, and economic assumptions across your entire deal team.
  • Merge A&D and company projects to run full portfolio valuations on even the largest well datasets.
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