Validus Energy Trusts ComboCurve

Industry Veteran Validus Energy Trusts ComboCurve to Hunt for its Next Asset

You may have heard of Denver-based operator Validus Energy, who sold its Eagleford assets to Devon in a 1.8 billion all-cash deal in 2022.

An Oil and Gas Data Management Solution for Four Bore Consulting

Matt Blose needed a tool that was reliable, fast, and easy to use for his consultant agency. Colleagues at his former company had raved about demos with ComboCurve, and he knew he needed to find out why it had caught the attention of those he trusted. When he left that company and started his own, he took ComboCurve with him.

Selenite Energy Partners’ Experience Using ComboCurve

In this video, Selenite Energy Partners' COO Lindsey McCarty shares how using ComboCurve has improved her reservoir efficiency. Lindsey, a reservoir engineer, shares her journey with ComboCurve, highlighting its seamless integration, immediate productivity gains, and unmatched forecasting capabilities.

oil and gas reservoir management

Oil and Gas Reservoir Management: 5 Lakewood Energy Wins

ComboCurve streamlines your entire oil and gas reservoir management workflow. You accomplish work faster while uncovering greater insights.

oil and gas auditing

Oil and Gas Auditing: Cawley, Gillespie & Associates Lead The Way

Oil and gas auditing demands optimal efficiency and accuracy. Jennifer Harpel shares how Cawley, Gillespie, & Associates uses ComboCurve to save countless hours.