URTeC Accepted Paper

Improving Accuracy of an Auto-Forecasting Engine Using a Bayesian Maximum Likelihood Framework for Empirical Decline Curves

Discover how ComboCurve’s Bayesian Maximum Likelihood Framework enhances the accuracy of auto-forecasting engines for unconventional shale wells. This innovative approach significantly improves the reliability of production forecasts, ensuring precise and actionable insights for your investment decisions.

Improved Decline Curve Analysis

Learn how using a Bayesian framework with maximum likelihood estimation provides a more accurate determination of the b-parameter, leading to better forecasts of ultimate recovery in unconventional wells.

Faster, Reliable Auto-Forecasting

Understand how our auto-forecasting engine, powered by ComboCurve, can process thousands of wells quickly, providing high-quality forecasts in minutes and reducing the need for manual curve fitting.

Enhanced Data Integration and Workflow

Discover the benefits of integrating prior geological and operational knowledge into your forecasting process, leading to more informed and confident investment decisions through a streamlined workflow.


Wells Evaluated in Economic Scenarios




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