Oil and Gas Reservoir Management: 5 Lakewood Energy Wins

August 23, 2023

ComboCurve streamlines your entire oil and gas reservoir management workflow. You accomplish work faster while uncovering greater insights.

oil and gas reservoir management

Traditional oil and gas reservoir management software comes with a steep learning curve.

These packages are packed with numerous features, plenty of which go unused, while other critical functionality is missing. Not to mention the cumbersome interfaces that feel more like a maze than a user-friendly platform. If you’ve ever used one of these packages, you may relate to Joe Moidel, President & CEO at Lakewood Energy LLC. He once found himself, like many others, thinking, “There has to be a better way!”

That’s when he discovered ComboCurve.

Joe says the first time he used ComboCurve was like a breath of fresh air. It wasn’t merely a tool; it was a solution. The interface was intuitive and made complex tasks seem simple. He didn’t have to sift through endless menus or take a four-hour break every time he updated a financial model. ComboCurve streamlined the entire oil and gas reservoir management workflow. From data input to analysis and valuable insights, Joe and his team could perform their work more rapidly and gain deeper insights.

5 Lakewood Energy Wins

Joe and his small but dynamic team of three have found so much value in the platform that it was difficult for him to narrow down the wins. However, after a bit of consideration and conversation, here are the Top 5 Lakewood Energy Wins according to Joe Moidel.

1. User-Friendly

ComboCurve feels familiar from the moment you log in. The design is intuitive and the operations are logical. You’re not lost in a sea of tabs and buttons. Instead, you move smoothly through the platform, getting the data you need without going off course.

oil and gas reservoir management

You perform tasks more effectively and have a sense of control each time you log in. You’re not bogged down by complicated details. You can focus on what truly matters in your work, supported by a tool that seems to anticipate your needs.

2. Reliability

ComboCurve performs no matter what combination of price differentials Joe and his team at Lakewood Energy run on the platform. It responds swiftly, maintaining accuracy in every instance. It’s feels like the platform stays one step ahead. It makes necessary adjustments even before they’re required. There isn’t a better tool to get on top of the wave of volatility in energy.

oil and gas reservoir management

The sense of calm you get from ComboCurve is its true value. It unites your entire oil and gas reservoir management ecosystem in one platform. You don’t have to worry about unforeseen errors or mismatched data. It becomes like a trusted companion, consistently precise and always ready to assist.

3. Rapid Decision Making

Joe had the same question many others have when they first start using ComboCurve. Can the platform genuinely provide actionable insights within a day?

To Joe’s amazement, it did. And it does so with regularity.

But if you get stuck, you’re not on your own. Many software companies leave users to fend for themselves once they make a purchase. Joe was pleased to find this is not the case with ComboCurve.

Joe credits ComboCurve’s customer success team for its dependability and responsiveness from implementation to the present. He stresses that you can count on ComboCurve. Not just the software. The people.

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4. Versatility

ComboCurve’s design doesn’t just show technical skill; it reflects an understanding of the complex challenges in the industry. It seems to be created with the idea that every problem, no matter how complex or unique, demands a specialized approach.

reservoir management

Think back to a time when you had to use several different tools for oil and gas reservoir management. Imagine how relieved you’d feel if you had ComboCurve instead. Everything is in one place, ready for any situation.

5. Wildly Efficient Oil and Gas Reservoir Management

ComboCurve dramatically alters the landscape of daily operations. You are not stuck evaluating one deal. You can analyze several deals at the same time at a pace you never thought possible.

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Why Not Just Hire More Oil and Gas Reservoir Management People?

A lot of people ask, “Why not expand the team? Bring in more hands, more minds?” If you’re like Joe, there are clear financial considerations. Hiring is about more than salaries; it includes recruitment costs, benefits, training, and infrastructure overheads. When he evaluates the situation, it becomes challenging to justify merely expanding the team.

You face not only the challenge of cost but also of time when integrating new members into an ongoing oil and gas reservoir management cycle. A quick process this isn’t, as new team members must undergo an unavoidable training period to get acclimated to project subtleties and adjust to specific tools. Furthermore, older systems have become outdated and notoriously complicated. This complexity in legacy software creates a challenging learning curve, requiring even experienced professionals to spend significant time to operate at full capacity.

So, why not just hire more people? Sometimes the right tool can enhance your abilities in ways sheer numbers can’t. With ComboCurve by Lakewood Energy’s side, they’ve struck the perfect balance between human creativity and technological skill.

It’s Not Magic, It’s ComboCurve

When it comes to quality oil and gas reservoir management, there are myriad variables, interdependencies, and extensive offset data. As such, aiming for perfection can be overwhelming. In this context, an 80% hit rate isn’t just commendable; it’s significant. Thanks to this step-change in his analysis, Joe can confidently navigate choppy waters. ComboCurve is his reliable compass that gets his team to its destination, not a broken clock that’s only right twice a day.

Reflecting on his experience, Joe says ComboCurve is a true partner. A partner that reduces complexities, makes data analysis accessible to all and lets you meet project milestones with accuracy and confidence. For Joe Moidel and Lakewood Energy, in the vast landscape of energy analytics, ComboCurve is the thread that connects, aligns, and guides.

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