Custom Streams: Forecasting Abilities Unleashed

In an era where prices are as volatile as the reserves themselves, analytics in the oil and gas industry have evolved from being a decision-supporting tool to now being a strategic partner crucial for operational survival and success.

How We’re Breaking the Barrier – A Conference Recap

Last week, ComboCurve and Ryder Scott hosted a pioneering collaboration event that brought together industry leaders, experts, and innovators in reservoir engineering, environmental engineering, and sustainability for two dynamic days of engaging talks, insightful panels, and the unique opportunity to earn a new Carbon Reserves Certification.

From Legacy to Innovation: ARIES Senior Leader to ComboCurve CRO

With over 35 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, Kirk Hanes is no stranger to oil and gas software development. Why? Kirk was a key player in the launch of the ubiquitous ARIES program back in the late 80s.

2023 Wins: Three Product Updates That Will Change Operator Workflows

As we reflect on the journey of the past year, it's clear that 2023 was a transformative period for the energy sector and for ComboCurve. It was a year marked by resilience, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to excellence—a year where we not only envisioned the future of energy operations but actively shaped it with cutting-edge solutions. 

ComboCurve 2023 Wrap Up

More Accurate Economics, A Roadmap for the Future, and Reinventing Workflows: 2023 ComboCurve Wrap-up

The year may be over, but we’re still building on the momentum gained in 2023. ComboCurve took a major step toward hardening the core platform in the last year, and the release of V35 solidified our foundation as the fastest growing new tech platform in energy. From strategic new hires to an incredibly successful Super User Group, 2023 marked some major milestones in our company. Here are a few highlights! 

Validus Energy Trusts ComboCurve

Industry Veteran Validus Energy Trusts ComboCurve to Hunt for its Next Asset

You may have heard of Denver-based operator Validus Energy, who sold its Eagleford assets to Devon in a 1.8 billion all-cash deal in 2022.

Production Engineers: Can You Run the Economics on This?

The U.S Energy Information Administration estimates international demand for petroleum products will remain competitive through 2050. Production engineers are on the frontlines of the industry, optimizing well operations, analyzing production and economic potential, managing complex data sets, and making high-impact recommendations in the field.  

ComboCurve’s Share Codes: Say Goodbye to Massive .Zip Files and Hello to Collaboration

Garrett Chunn spends multiple hours a day analyzing data in his role as Juniper Capital's Senior Vice President. As a private equity firm that analyzes A&D opportunities as well as the productive potential of existing company assets, Garrett not only analyzes reserves, measures how forecasts meet reality, and runs multiple forecasting and economic models—he also needs a seamless way to share that data.

A Tale of Two Interns: ComboCurve Style

Since its establishment in 2020, ComboCurve has been committed to recruiting top college talent, offering growth opportunities, and involvement in impactful projects in Oil & Gas through ComboUniversity. ComboUniversity is an outreach program that brings ComboCurve to petroleum engineering students at Universities around the globe. 

Reserves Reporting Accuracy: How Consultants are Using ComboCurve

Reserves Reporting Accuracy: How Consulting Firms are Using ComboCurve

Reserves reporting can make or break an operation. Sitting at the helm of reserves reporting for a plethora of companies across the oil and gas industry is Adam Null, COO of Wright & Company, Inc.

Commit to ComboCurve for Reserves

Luke Cone joined ComboCurve a few years ago to contribute to streamlining reservoir engineering processes. His subsequent move to Grit Oil & Gas saw him advocating for ComboCurve's integrated solutions, specifically in using ComboCurve for reserves.