One Unified A&D and Reserves Platform for Double Eagle

June 12, 2024

Double Eagle Energy Holdings IV, LLC was looking for an innovative solution to enhance efficiency and streamline processes with its reserves workflows. Faced with the cumbersome task of quality control, battling inefficiencies in type curve and forecast loading, and the complexity of managing multiple databases for reserves, Double Eagle sought a better solution. Hear from Stephanie Ahmed and Caleigh Rickett on how they’re using ComboCurve to combat these challenges.

One Unified A&D and Reserves Platform for Double Eagle

“If we were still using our old workflows at the rate we’re currently running, we would need another reservoir engineer and another tech. The tech would have to be an ARIES super user.”  

– Stephanie Ahmed, Reservoir Engineer and VP of SubSurface

Double Eagle Energy Holdings IV, LLC is an independent oil and natural gas company focused on development and production throughout the Permian Basin. Double Eagle is using ComboCurve as both its A&D and reserves platform, as well as for running its budget. They use ComboCurve’s in-house conversions team and exporting features to convert to ARIES when required by banks and sponsors. 

Challenges With Old Workflows

“With prior software, we were using one tool for type curve work. We were manually updating wells and public production data on a monthly basis as we didn’t have direct connections with IHS at the time. It was a lengthy updating process.” 

And then, once the type curves were created, they weren’t done. The process still involved translating those type curves into ARIES. “To me, not being a super user on the ARIES side, I was always ‘hoping and wishing’ that things worked,” Stephanie explains. 

Facing these challenges, Double Eagle recognized the need for a more efficient solution to keep up with their workload effectively. 

Using ComboCurve if Your Bank Does Not

Double Eagle wasn’t sold on ComboCurve right away due to concerns about compatibility issues with banks, sponsors, third-party auditors, etc. However, they found a reliable solution through conversions and tie-outs provided by ComboCurve’s in-house conversions team. This team is dedicated to converting databases for clients needing to report in ARIES and other formats. Additionally, ComboCurve houses a native exporting tool that can convert databases to Excel, ARIES, or PHDwin as shown in the video below. 

For Double Eagle, using ComboCurve to convert its database to ARIES is now “pretty seamless,” according to Reservoir Engineering Analyst, Caleigh Rickett. 



ComboCurve for Reserves

“ComboCurve, through every step of the reserves process, is more efficient than how we were doing things before.”

When discussing type curves, Stephanie and Caleigh highlight the efficiency of consolidating everything in ComboCurve’s all-inclusive platform. Stephanie emphasized, “Being able to do that work in the same platform and then consolidate type curves, tag, and easily organize them for the sponsors and auditors is  very efficient.” Caleigh also pointed out the benefits of the mapping module, noting, “We no longer need to create type curve support PowerPoints inclusive of maps and representative wells. That’s a huge time-saver as well.” This streamlined approach significantly enhanced their workflow, allowing for smoother collaboration and more effective presentation of data. 

Stephanie noted additional improvements using ComboCurve, “PDP forecasting with the forecast module, even the way the graphics look to me, makes updates easier. Also, in the event we get feedback from the auditors and they make PDP changes, the update and comparison process is so easy and efficient. That process used to take us a ton of time.”


For A&D

Double Eagle also leverages ComboCurve as extensively for A&D as they do for reserves management. Thanks to ComboCurve, they’re able to carry out asset evaluations and evaluate deals faster than ever before. 

“We’re doing so much more evaluation work and in one platform – evaluations that used to take a week or two. Now we can knock it out in a day or two, it’s huge!”



Key Improvements with ComboCurve

Today, ComboCurve remains Double Eagle’s primary choice for an A&D and reserves platform. Double Eagle credits ComboCurve’s interface, robust features, and responsive support as instrumental in transforming their internal processes, marking a significant shift from their legacy workflows. 

Notably, they highlight efficiency gains, data accuracy, and faster decision-making as key benefits resulting from adopting ComboCurve. 

ComboCurve is an ideal solution for operators seeking rapid scalability without the burden of extra staffing or multiple software platforms. Double Eagle’s endorsement reflects this, as they note the need for additional hires with old workflows. ComboCurve’s support team and powerful features guarantee significant time and cost savings. As we evolve to meet the dynamic demands of our users, we invite companies to explore ComboCurve’s multifunctionality across various aspects of oil and gas operations. 

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