Report What You Want to Report: The 5 Types of People Who Need Configurable PDFs

November 30, 2023

Not everyone needs the same information when analyzing oil and gas assets and reserves. One size won’t fit all in a world where reserves auditors need specific data in their reporting, and that same report won’t help executives or asset engineers get clear insights into how to optimize operations in the field.

With ComboCurve’s configurable PDFs, reporting can be customized to each stakeholder’s specific requirements. With a simple interface and fully configurable outputs, creating multiple specific reports takes a fraction of the time. Configure time series outputs, one-line metrics, logos, headers, economic assumptions, and dates to create outputs that are actually useful to these industry professionals!


  1. A&D Engineers: Streamlined Bid Sheets

Acquisition and divestiture (A&D) engineers often spend hours sifting through pages of unnecessary data. The noise slows down their ability to create clean, focused bid sheets. With configurable PDFs, they can customize bid sheets to highlight essential data, enhance readability, and incorporate the company’s branding, such as logos. This level of customization streamlines the decision-making process and presents a more professional, polished bid to potential partners and stakeholders.

  1. Budgeting & Asset Engineers: Enhanced Decision-Making

Budgeting and asset engineers are typically responsible for everything from cost control and optimization measures to compliance reporting, market analysis, financial planning, and asset management. The complexity of their day-to-day includes running and re-running reports to identify potential issues and find the best solutions before a crisis emerges. Configurable PDFs allow them to create reporting templates that provide only the data they need to make optimal decisions. Whether it’s monthly reports or annual overviews, reports are generated quickly, and decisions can be made based on the most current and relevant data available.

  1. Managers & Executives: Clarity and Visibility

Managers and executives need reports that cut through the clutter to deliver essential information without the noise. Configurable PDFs empower them to remove extraneous data, focus solely on key metrics, and get the insights needed for crucial, high-level decisions. This reporting clarity and visibility into the overall operation helps them make informed decisions on buying, investing, and strategic planning.

  1. Minerals & Royalties Managers: Portfolio Management

Minerals and royalties companies have unique requirements compared to operators and auditors. With more of a focus on market pricing and portfolio production metrics, they may spend hours sorting through standard operator reports looking for the information they need. Configurable PDFs allow minerals and royalties professionals to exclude irrelevant operator data and focus on metrics vital for their needs, such as royalty income, production volumes, and pricing trends. This targeted approach ensures they have access to the precise information they need for optimal portfolio management.

  1. Non-Engineers: Custom Data Reporting

There are plenty of non-engineers, including data management professionals, in the energy industry that manage a plethora of data types and sources and need to create custom outputs. With configurable PDFs, they can integrate diverse data sets into cohesive reports. This can include external data, such as market analysis, along with internal metrics like production rates and financial projections. With ComboCurve, teams get the standard reporting they expect from a platform, plus configurable PDF options that make it easier to track data-driven strategies and maintain a competitive edge. 

Reporting isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Configurable PDFs in ComboCurve provide the flexibility to tailor reports to specific needs and get the insights you’re looking for. From A&D to data management, every role can benefit from the customizable reporting options available with just a few clicks.  

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