The ComboCurve Product in 2024: Exceeding Customer Needs and Shaping Oil and Gas Tech

January 17, 2024

The major problem with legacy software is there isn’t one solution that handles everything you need. Traditional reservoir workflows involve navigating data silos and complex workflows that require multiple programs to analyze capital decisions, asset performance, forecasting, economics, and emissions tracking. That’s a lot of software, and a lot of hours wasted in a week. In 2024, ComboCurve is scaling up and creating a singular toolbox that enables people across the energy sector to collaborate and forecast in one place.  

ComboCurve Shapes Oil and Gas Tech in 2024

Client-Centered Solutions

Our goal to transform workflow management is one of the cornerstones of our company. Collectively, our team has decades of experience with traditional reservoir workflows. We want to solve the problems in oil and gas tech that keep the industry anchored in the past.  

“We’re bringing all the key workflows together, solving workflow difficulties that exist around capital decisions and monitoring asset performance by building out full-blown forecasting, economics, type curving, and emissions forecasting in one platform,” said ComboCurve CEO Armand Paradis 

Bringing everything into one platform eliminates redundancies and collapses data silos. Anyone across the energy spectrum can get accurate analyses and collaborate more easily. It creates data transparency for internal and external stakeholders and cuts the amount of time needed to switch between programs. Reservoir engineering teams, auditors, banks, A&D teams, and consultants can work together in ComboCurve. Without dealing with cross-platform data sharing or multiple software systems that slow down decision-making!

“Every market segment uses reserves in some capacity; it’s the common language of the entire industry,” said Executive Vice President of Product Doug McMaster. “We’re excited to be working on upcoming reserves features like custom streams and new spatial enhancements that will help with inventory well management and deal PDFs, and a lot more.”  

As oil and gas tech adapts to changes like enhanced oil recovery techniques, the expansion of liquefied natural gas markets, emissions-based regulations, and finding new ways to integrate petroleum products with renewable energy solutions, it will be crucial for energy operators and partners to break down their data silos, become more transparent, and move to an integrated data solution.  

Connecting the Dots: The Roadmap for 2024

We’re bringing down the walls and helping you connect the dots for 2024. Over the last year, we’ve laid the foundation for a much more robust and comprehensive platform.  One that will enable you to run everything you need in one place. This includes building out the Platform Engineering team and making user experience and performance improvements that will continue throughout the year.  

“We’re thinking about the user, thinking about their value metrics and data, and not only is our technology innovative, so is our platform development team. We’re leaders in our industry as a software solution, and our team is now scaled up and excited to deliver on a new level. We’re becoming more aware and transparent about friction and empowering our developers to find innovative solutions for oil and gas tech,” said Vice President of Engineering Glenn Eckstein 

Some of the rollouts and enhancements scheduled for 2024 include:  

  • Custom Streams – Get the flexibility to forecast it all with nuanced custom stream capabilities. Handle edge cases and exceptions with ease, so you get exactly what you need from your analysis.     
  • Mapping enhancements – Make it easier to incorporate maps into deals and other reporting scenarios.  
  • Rapid reconciliation – Adjust various assumptions and quickly see how they impact reserves on a waterfall chart.  

Since it launched, ComboCurve has been a popular solution for acquisition and divestiture (A&D) teams. It makes finding and selling assets easier than other platforms. With the new scheduling and mapping enhancements, A&D teams will find it even easier to evaluate upside potential, forecast emissions impacts before and after deals close, and slash days off their research time to act on opportunities before the competition. 

We aren’t leaving out banks, reserves teams, and auditors. The 2024 roadmap will bring ComboCurve closer to being a full operating system for the entire energy ecosystem.  

“We have all the functionality our users have been wanting, so 2024 is going to be a big year for changing how people do reserves,” said Vice President of Customer Success Allyson Kidwell. “We’re bringing together those last touchpoints that customers have asked for to get everything done in one place.”  

Adapting to Meet Change in Oil and Gas Tech

With seemingly everyone talking about automation, generative AI, and the constantly changing energy market, a few things will become more important in 2024:  

  • Data transparency – Having one source of truth will be critical for reserves teams, especially where audits are concerned. Cloud-based solutions like ComboCurve prevent your data from being siloed on desktops and make it easier for everyone to feel confident in forecasts and analysis.  
  • Standardized workflows – When everyone is using different platforms and workflows, how can you trust the results from one project to another? This is especially true with audits and A&D deals where it may be unclear how results were obtained. ComboCurve offers tracking and permissions systems that let you standardize workflows and ensure confidence in results. 
  • Data security – Data breaches happen, and if your data lives on a local drive, that computer can be stolen and compromised. ComboCurve is SOC 1 and SOC 2 compliant and further secured with two-factor authentication. Access is limited and trackable, which provides a higher level of security than legacy desktop programs.  
  • Merging assets – Mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures have been on the rise in recent years. Merging asset data is one of the hardest parts to manage when a deal is struck. When both companies use one platform for everything, the merger becomes a much simpler process.  

The energy industry and oil and gas tech are changing, and we’ll continue to stay at the forefront of data transparency and security as we build out the remaining reserves features. This platform is bringing everyone from engineers to auditors to bankers together under one virtual roof.   

“No matter the oil price, people have to do reserves workflows. That doesn’t change,” McMaster said. “We’re building a solution to make that job easier.” 

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