Oil and Gas Auditing: Cawley, Gillespie & Associates Lead The Way

June 12, 2023

Oil and gas auditing demands optimal efficiency and accuracy. Jennifer Harpel shares how Cawley, Gillespie, & Associates uses ComboCurve to save countless hours.

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Oil and gas auditing is all about swift execution and strict precision. We recently sat down with ComboCurve user and Senior Reservoir Engineer at Cawley, Gillespie & Associates (CGA), Jennifer Harpel. She discussed the impact software choices can have on your day-to-day operations.

In this blog, we delve into Jennifer’s journey with ComboCurve. We uncover its unique advantages for oil and gas auditing and Jennifer recounts CGA’s easy adoption. Lastly, she tells of the profound benefits ComboCurve has brought to her team and clients alike.

Let’s begin.

From Completions to Oil and Gas Auditing

Jennifer’s career began just over 20 years ago.  After ten years as a completions engineer, she moved into a reservoir role at Parsley Energy.  She then transitioned to Formentera Partners and eventually to CGA in August of 2022. Jennifer first encountered ComboCurve at Formentera.

The company was exploring innovative software options for oil and gas auditing. Since ComboCurve is web-based in the cloud and not on your personal computer, it was an attractive choice. Jennifer and another engineer eagerly embraced the platform once they recognized its potential to enhance operations.

As a private equity company, Formentera primarily focused on deal evaluation.

They capitalized on ComboCurve’s data conversion capabilities, performing in-depth analyses of both marketed and un-marketed deals. They converted ARIES databases into ComboCurve, thus streamlining economic evaluations, sensitivity assessments, and marketing assumptions.

In a testament to the deep engineering behind ComboCurve’s oil and gas auditing workflows, Jennifer picked up right where she left off. After moving to CGA, she could immediately build PDP forecasts, type curves, and help clients understand the true value of their assets.

Bringing ComboCurve Expertise to CGA

ComboCurve Technical Engineer Manager, Travis Runge, was a Reservoir Engineer at CGA from 2015-2022. When he left to join our team at ComboCurve, Jennifer had a great chance to build on his work. Since she was already proficient, she could smoothly take over his role.

Since Jennifer came to CGA, more team members have started using ComboCurve. This has made the team more capable. Jennifer takes care of many tasks related to ComboCurve. She enjoys this work. When she needs help, she asks our customer support team. They usually reply within 5 minutes.

Harnessing the Power of Analytics in Oil and Gas Auditing

In the industry, managing huge numbers of wells and vast datasets is a typical hurdle. Jennifer and her team rely on the analytical strengths of ComboCurve to combat this issue.

The platform is crazy fast, even with large datasets. CGA can finally execute complete economic analyses, construct basin-wide type curves, and adjust price decks on the fly. As such, they can make more precise decisions in less time. This led to increased profitability and a strategic edge in a highly competitive market.

Promoting A Culture of Transparency

Jennifer praises ComboCurve’s ability to help with fast collaboration. In oil and gas auditing, teams often find themselves working in silos. This leads to duplicate work and increases the risk for errors. You don’t have that problem in ComboCurve.

Multiple team members now work on projects concurrently. Teams get real-time updates that keep everyone in the loop.

Jennifer’s team can share insights, discuss strategies, and resolve issues instantly. Increased productivity and reduced errors created a flywheel effect and a dynamic work environment. CGA is a place with actively engaged team members working towards a common goal.

Winning Clients with ComboCurve

When CGA meets with prospects, they often highlight ComboCurve’s ability to import and export ARIES and PHDwin projects. This showcases CGA’s creative approach to oil and gas auditing.

Banking and other tightly regulated sectors usually worry about trying new software. Jennifer forges ahead with absolute certainty. She assures clients ComboCurve can tackle the tough reporting demands of any sector. When your reports are good enough for the SEC, they are good enough for everybody.

Oil and Gas Auditing In Closing

Jennifer’s journey with ComboCurve has been immensely rewarding. The software has bolstered her professional capabilities. It’s also strengthened CGA’s operations. As the oil and gas industry continues to evolve, we echo Jennifer’s confidence. Innovative tools like ComboCurve will be instrumental in shaping the future.

In short, Jennifer strongly recommends ComboCurve for oil and gas auditing.