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Caliber Resource Partners realized the potential of ComboCurve in its first year. ComboCurve, an all-in-one A&D tool, combines features like auto-forecasting, collaboration, link-sharing, and bi-directionality in one cloud-based software. Recognizing its transformative impact on strategic decision-making and daily operations, Caliber championed ComboCurve’s early adoption, becoming their primary A&D solution.

The Challenge

Caliber Resource Partners is a Quantum Energy Partners-backed portfolio company that specializes in non-operated investments within the lower 48. Caliber faced challenges in non-op deal evaluations, collaboration inefficiencies with legacy tools, such as Aries, and time-consuming forecasting processes.

Solution & Impact

Seeking a solution, Caliber adopted ComboCurve for its advanced forecasting algorithms, unparalleled client support, collaboration features, and seamless integration with legacy systems, ultimately enhancing deal flow and overall A&D efficiency.

Caliber Resource Partners witnessed a significant boost in deal flow and non-op efficiency. ComboCurve’s streamlined conversion support and rapid forecasting eliminated inefficiencies and allowed them to explore unmarketed deals, doubling their deal flow. ComboCurve’s efficiency in basin-wide evaluations, reducing weeks of work to minutes, marked substantial time savings. ComboCurve’s proximity tool executing type curve analysis during forecasting has proven to be highly efficient. On the collaboration front, link-sharing (CC Share Codes) eliminated inefficiencies in dealing with forecasts, fostering a seamless collaborative environment.

Caliber Resource Partners' Return on Investment

Rapid Forecasting

Basin-wide evaluations that once took weeks are now accomplished within minutes. The efficiency gains are not just in forecasting but also in the ability to allocate more time to critical analysis.

Link Sharing for Seamless Collaboration

ComboCurve's Share Code feature for effortless collaboration eliminates the clunkiness of dealing with forecasts in Aries and sharing PDFs; and streamlines project handovers and progress updates seamlessly.

Project Maintenance

Maintenance of a foundational basin project, updated as new deals emerge in that specific area.

A&D Efficiency for Non-Operators

ComboCurve expedites off-market analyses, facilitates rapid forecasting, and strengthens relationships in non-op dealings.

Bidirectionality and Integration with Legacy Software

Caliber, being data-driven, appreciated ComboCurve's bidirectional functionality, enabling smooth transitions between ComboCurve and Aries, and enhancing data sharing with third parties and financial institutions.

Quality Control

Quality control time has been reduced to an hour or two.

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