A&D Engineer

A Platform that Redefines A&D Efficiency

ComboCurve is the only advanced production forecasting and validation platform on the market. Close deals faster when you have all the data you need in one place. From March to August 2023, A&D engineers relied on ComboCurve to evaluate 115,000 scenarios on 49 million wells.

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ComboCurve's advanced analytics engine accelerates deal evaluations from days to hours, giving you a competitive advantage.

High-Confidence Outputs You Can Trust

A&D Engineers handle a monumental amount of data, and ComboCurve is specifically designed to deliver auto-proximity speed and accuracy.

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Faster Validation

Leverage the power of cloud computing for insights up to 40X faster than ARIES.

Advanced Computing Power

Advanced forecasting and type curve engines built to provide fast, reliable outputs.

Simple, All-in-One Solution

Seamlessly integrate public and proprietary data for streamlined analyses in one platform.

Customized Reporting

Fully configurable PDFs for outputs tailored to each stakeholder group.


Defensible, informed decisions often require varied information for different stakeholders

Here’s how configurable PDFs eliminate distractions and provide clear operational insights.

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Stay Ahead of the Competition with a Faster Workflow

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Beat the Competition

Cut days off deal assessments with the industry’s fastest advanced analysis techniques.

Easily Update Your Data

Easily import external and internal data sources to run everything you need in one place.

Collaborate in Real Time

Eliminate silos between different employees and departments by utilizing Cloud-based software.

Quickly Estimate Economics and Investments

ComboCurve users have generated 30,000+ economic report exports in the last 5 months alone.

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