ComboCurve’s Share Codes: Say Goodbye to Massive .Zip Files and Hello to Collaboration

December 5, 2023

Garrett Chunn spends multiple hours a day analyzing data in his role as Juniper Capital's Senior Vice President. As a private equity firm that analyzes A&D opportunities as well as the productive potential of existing company assets, Garrett not only analyzes reserves, measures how forecasts meet reality, and runs multiple forecasting and economic models—he also needs a seamless way to share that data.

Every minute counts when you’re trying to share data to run forecasts, type curves, and economics. Whether you’re involved with audits, A&D, or analyzing data internally across multiple departments, creating and sharing data files can add hours of work to your day. The old way of sharing data requires creating a huge .zip file and finding a secure way to transfer each file. Then there’s the worry of file corruption during upload or download and having to start all over again. ComboCurve created an industry-changing solution: share codes.

Our engineers saw an opportunity to change the way the industry shares data. Instead of massive files prone to corruption and potential security concerns, we created a way to create unique sharing codes that provide safe, easy access to the data you need to share. Here’s how one company started using ComboCurve share codes and saved hours of work while improving their workflows.

Share Codes in Action

Juniper Capital Senior Vice President Garrett Chunn used to spend multiple hours a day analyzing data and sharing large files with other departments. As a private equity firm that analyzes Acquisitions and Divestitures (A&D) as well as the productive potential of existing properties, Garrett not only analyzes reserves, measures how forecasts meet reality, and runs multiple forecasting and economic models—he also needs a seamless way to share that data.

ComboCurve share codes make it easy for him to share data without the hassle of .zip files or the massive file uploads and downloads that slow down the company’s knowledge transfer.

“Sharing my work in ComboCurve is the easiest way for me. I point [share codes] to the directory of the project I’m working on. A lot of times the teams we’re working in have different portals, so the share codes have been excellent,” Garrett says.

How Share Codes Work

Engineering and banking analysts are painfully familiar with the old way of sharing projects or databases for forecasts, audits, and internal analysis. Massive .zip files have to be transferred across secure FTP sites, and the process takes time and multiple steps. On the other side, the recipient is stuck waiting for downloads and hoping the .zip file opens and imports properly.

For decades, this has been the default way to share data. Between analyzing existing reserves, performing due diligence for A&D, and running multiple forecasting and economic modules, the process is cumbersome for the sender and the recipient.

ComboCurve changed everything.

Now companies can use share codes to solve file transfer issues and make data sharing seamless from one portal to another. Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to a project and select the data you want to share. This can be an entire project directory or only the data you choose to share.
  2. Click Create Code.
  3. Choose your parameters. You can select the current version of the project or an archived version. You can also set an expiration date to grant access for a limited period.
  4. Click Create Code to generate a share code. That’s it!



Once you’ve created a share code, send it to anyone using ComboCurve and they’ll be able to access the data simply by going to “import” and entering the code. ComboCurve will encrypt the data and securely copy the data in minutes.

It’s that easy.

The recipient can view and run processes on the data without affecting the original data set. They’ll be working with a snapshot of the original project, and they’ll have the ability to run any processes needed.

No file transfers. No .zip files. Just knowledge sharing.



Make Auditing Easier

When you work with external organizations that use ComboCurve, audits, and analysis are as easy as sharing codes. From banks to reserve auditors to parties looking to make a deal, share codes provide a simple way to make sure everyone has the information they need to make informed decisions.

“As a private equity shop, we see a lot of A&D, so the speed and efficiency of evaluating deals is unparalleled,” Garrett says.

If you run processes on the original project data after sharing a code, it won’t affect the archive you shared. And you can restore the archive after making changes if needed. Notice a defect or something that needs to be corrected? Update it and share it immediately with Share Codes.

Share codes combined with ComboCurve’s robust forecasting and economic modeling make it much easier for internal and external teams to make optimal strategic decisions without the pain of old-school file transfers. Filter through iteration after iteration collaboratively–in a fraction of the time you used to.

“Being able to import from all the public information and then appending proprietary information in a matter of minutes saved me hours of the data manipulation I used to be doing. So, getting through an A&D process is fractions of the time it used to be,” Garrett says.

Want to see how share codes can change the way you exchange knowledge in your workflows? Schedule a demo! We’re passionate about streamlining data, and we’d love to walk you through the process. (It really is this easy!)



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