ComboCurve Helps Cawley, Gillespie & Associates Win New Business

Industry : Oil and Gas Reserves Auditors
Solution : ComboCore

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The Challenge

Cawley, Gillespie & Associates (CGA) needed a software solution to manage large volumes of well data accurately and efficiently and execute complex analyses. The key requirement was a tool that could enhance operational efficiency, promote real-time collaboration among team members, and expand CGA’s service offerings.

The Solution

CGA employed ComboCurve for deal evaluations, leveraging its features to convert ARIES databases and conduct thorough economic evaluations featuring pricing and cost sensitivity assessments. Additionally, they utilized ComboCurve for PDP forecasting, type curve analyses, and pricing adjustments. Its features enabled synchronous collaboration and seamless teamwork even while handling massive datasets.

The Impact

The compatibility of ComboCurve with both ARIES and PHDwin emerged as a compelling selling point for CGA when pitching to prospective clients. Coupled with its unique capabilities, CGA established itself as an innovative consultancy.

Additionally, since ComboCurve is cloud-based, it allows multiple team members to work on a project concurrently. This means CGA’s team can share insights, discuss strategies, and resolve issues in real-time, which cultivates a more dynamic work environment while minimizing errors. Consequently, CGA saw a substantial boost in overall productivity.

CGA’s Return
on Investment

  • CGA streamlined operations and enhanced efficiency, even when managing large datasets comprising of thousands of wells.
  • ComboCurve facilitated real-time collaboration reducing errors and boosting overall productivity.
  • Compatibility with both ARIES and PHDwin provided a unique selling point to prospective clients.
  • ComboCurve's robust analytical capabilities and rigorous security standards fulfill requirements of even the most strictly regulated entities, such as banks and other financial institutions.
  • ComboCurve's team provided prompt and regular support ensuring operations were uninterrupted and issues were swiftly resolved.

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