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CJ Tibbs, the founder of Peregrine Energy, LLC, needed to bridge the communication gap between non-technical teams and highly technical reservoir engineers. As a seasoned professional in software and IT, CJ understood the complexities of aligning diverse groups. However, finding a comprehensive solution seemed like an insurmountable task. He had all but given up his search for an integrated platform before becoming ComboCurve’s first customer in 2020.


Peregrine Energy needed a platform that would allow different teams to work together seamlessly to evaluate potential asset acquisitions quickly and accurately. The platform needed to be flexible and user-friendly, so that it could be used by people with different levels of technical expertise. Until ComboCurve came along in 2020, no such platform existed.

Solution & Impact

Peregrine Energy witnessed a monumental shift in their operations with ComboCurve. The platform effectively connected business, finance, and reservoir engineering teams, providing easy-to-understand information and comprehensive well economics.

Users of all technical proficiencies could quickly create and manage risk models, gaining valuable insights into decline figures, Present Values (PVs), assumptions, and projected cash flow. Collaboration and understanding among team members were significantly enhanced.

ComboCurve reduced the time required to create multiple models for a single property from days to minutes. This acceleration in decision-making allowed the acquisition and sales teams to quickly evaluate multiple scenarios in a single session.

ComboCurve’s support team was responsive and helpful, even working on a Sunday night to address CJ’s queries promptly and offer troubleshooting assistance. The platform’s out-of-the-box configuration capability eliminated the need for extensive customization.

Peregrine’s Return on Investment

Outrageous Time Savings

Significantly reduced modeling time, from days to minutes.

Minimal Disruption, Maximum Productivity

Responsive support team minimizes downtime and ensures prompt issue resolution.

Rapid Decision-Making Made Easy

Accelerated decision-making process with the ability to evaluate multiple scenarios in a single session.

Unpack Economic Assumptions on the Spot

Enhanced understanding of acquisition factors allows teams to unpack decline figures and economic assumptions in real time during meetings with prospects.

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