Custom Streams: Forecasting Abilities Unleashed

April 17, 2024

In an era where prices are as volatile as the reserves themselves, analytics in the oil and gas industry have evolved from being a decision-supporting tool to now being a strategic partner crucial for operational survival and success.

Traditional methods focusing primarily on Oil, Gas, NGL, and Water volume metrics, often fail to fully harness the full power of data.

Complex environments, particularly in unconventional plays or fields with diverse product slates, necessitate analytics as varied as the landscapes they service. The addition of custom streams to ComboCurve’s powerful auto-forecasting engine, along with detailed economic analysis, and an intuitive data structure, presents a fundamental shift in how the industry can approach predictive and strategic analysis.

Benefits Unlock A New Era of Possibilities

The impact of Custom Streams extends to operational efficiencies, cost management, and strategic decision-making. By incorporating a whole new spectrum of data into the fold of forecasting, ComboCurve enables companies to operate and make decisions with a higher degree of confidence.


Forecasting Custom Streams: A Symphony of Analytics

The ability to simultaneously and quickly forecast a variety of streams is perhaps the most distinctive feature introduced with Custom Streams. Here, it is not just about the range of data but the experience of managing it as well. ComboCurve’s prowess in handling vast swathes of data ensures that you can navigate the complexities of multiple streams with unparalleled ease and speed.


Enhanced Economic Analysis: The New Frontier

The integration of custom streams with the Scenario Module marks a new frontier in economic analysis by elevating revenue modeling and adding significant depth to expense estimates. The foresight gained from such variability forms the cornerstone of proactive resilience.


Real-Time Scenario Modeling: Future-Proof Your Operations

Having insight into future scenarios is like possessing a crystal ball. The real-time scenario modeling now available in ComboCurve empowers operators to rehearse operational strategies under various market conditions, thereby fortifying their resilience against the unknown.


Project Level Custom Streams: Tailor-Made for Precision

The concept of Project Level Custom Streams further enhances forecasting precision by providing tailored streams specific to project needs. This level of customization proves invaluable, especially when dealing with intricate project dynamics.

The introduction of Custom Streams continues ComboCurve’s efforts to empower energy professionals. Operators now have the opportunity to revamp the way they analyze and predict production trends, revenue streams, and expenses, empowering them to successfully navigate the complexities of production and market dynamics. 

Let’s elevate your economic analysis and forecasting capabilities and have the full data picture to make better decisions.

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