minerals evaluations with combocurve and combosync

Mineral Evaluations with ComboSync: Auto Updates and Streamlined Data Integration

The prospect of laborious setups and manual data loading is not only time-consuming, it’s also error-prone, potentially leading to costly inefficiencies in mineral evalutaions. For Faulconer Energy LLC, a private E&P operator headquartered in Tyler, Texas, ComboCurve emerged as an obvious, transformative solution that could redefine their workflows.

ComboCurve’s Share Codes: Say Goodbye to Massive .Zip Files and Hello to Collaboration

Garrett Chunn spends multiple hours a day analyzing data in his role as Juniper Capital's Senior Vice President. As a private equity firm that analyzes A&D opportunities as well as the productive potential of existing company assets, Garrett not only analyzes reserves, measures how forecasts meet reality, and runs multiple forecasting and economic models—he also needs a seamless way to share that data.

Report What You Want to Report: The 5 Types of People Who Need Configurable PDFs

Not everyone needs the same information when analyzing oil and gas assets and reserves. One size won’t fit all in a world where reserves auditors need specific data in their reporting, and that same report won’t help executives or asset engineers get clear insights into how to optimize operations in the field.

Mineral Rights And Royalties - CJ Tibbs

Mineral Rights and Royalties: Peregrine Energy Keeps Winning

CJ Tibbs founded Peregrine Energy LLC in 2013 to focus on acquiring minerals and royalties. Based in Dallas, Texas, the company has since spread its wings with an additional office in Denver, Colorado. In less than a decade, Peregrine Energy has grown its influence thanks to its balance of industry experience and tech-driven innovation.