ComboCurve Launches Next Phase of Platform with Glenn Eckstein as Vice President of Engineering

November 29, 2023

Rapidly growing energy platform ComboCurve is excited to welcome Glenn Eckstein to its leadership team. 

With two decades of experience as a force multiplier building high-value architecture & engineering teams, Glenn Eckstein brings an innovative vision to the ComboCurve Platform Engineering team. 

Data strategy is at the core of ComboCurve’s mission to revolutionize technical forecasting and economic modeling for the energy industry. As incoming VP of Engineering, Glenn brings extensive experience gained through industry leaders Forte Group Inc. and Agile Unicorn, LLC where he helped teams mature their technical capabilities and deliver value more effectively.  

Glenn’s rich background and proven track record make him the ideal person to lead the next phase of ComboCurve’s Platform Engineering and UX development and growth. He will head up the Platform Engineering team, which is focused on building scalability, performance, reliability, and other platform capabilities. A top priority will be scaling out the team and making it more effective for a larger product, including the critical task of empowering developers to innovate and drive improvements as the company moves forward.  

“I am focused on ensuring that our processes are aligned with quickly meeting our user’s needs: What are the areas that they need to be solved today, and how do we build and deliver it to them?” Glenn said. “My goal is to create a platform to allow our development and product teams to innovate faster, enabling ComboCurve to continue modernizing the energy industry at record pace.”  

ComboCurve’s industry-leading software provides advanced data analysis tools for upstream and midstream producers, financial analysts, and engineers in the energy industry. The company is one of the fastest-growing SaaS solutions in the field, and Glenn brings a passion for elevating performance and user experience. 

“Glenn’s vast command of modern software engineering concepts, along with his ability to instill a measured and disciplined approach to constructing software, will put ComboCurve on an accelerated path to technical excellence,” said ComboCurve Chief Technology Officer CJ Montano. “We look forward to his contribution in leading our Platform Engineering Group where his architectural strategy will place data accessibility, performance at scale, and value time to market at the forefront of our priorities – all key primitives to meeting the future needs of our clients and partners.”

About ComboCurve 

Headquartered in Houston, ComboCurve is the fastest-growing platform in the energy industry. The company provides advanced data analysis tools and seamless integrations that enable decision-makers to make informed, data-driven strategic decisions. For more information, contact ComboCurve or follow us on LinkedIn. 

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