Mineral Rights and Royalties: Peregrine Energy Keeps Winning

July 12, 2023

CJ Tibbs founded Peregrine Energy LLC in 2013 to focus on acquiring minerals and royalties. Based in Dallas, Texas, the company has since spread its wings with an additional office in Denver, Colorado. In less than a decade, Peregrine Energy has grown its influence thanks to its balance of industry experience and tech-driven innovation.

Mineral Rights And Royalties - CJ Tibbs

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Peregrine Energy Partners is a successful mineral rights and royalties firm. Their experienced team combines industry knowledge with innovation to stay ahead and deliver consistent results for clients.

They also use advanced software and data analytics tools to manage mineral rights and royalties. These tools help Peregrine make smart decisions and acquire the best assets. In an ever-evolving industry, you have to quickly adapt to new market conditions. Peregrine excels thanks to its ability to be nimble and flexible in an endless cycle of continuous improvement.

A Visionary Leader: CJ Tibbs and Technology

CJ Tibbs stands out with his unique background. He’s skilled in IT consulting, software development, and sales. He also understands ERP software packages inside and out.

The oil and gas industry is often slow to adapt to new technologies. CJ sees this as a rich opportunity. His knowledge and experience serve to push the industry forward. He knows the pain of selecting the wrong tech stack. And the triumph of partnering with companies who increase profits while giving you time back. That’s why he was so thrilled when he finally found the right solution.

A Tech Partner: Encounter with ComboCurve

Tibbs discovered ComboCurve during his quest to find software to refine Peregrine’s mineral rights and royalties operations. He wanted to make it easier for business and technical users to communicate. He admired how fast you could work in the platform. The speed users could grasp fundamental assumptions impacting financial outcomes was unmatched.

ComboCurve’s exceptional customer service solidified its appeal. They gave provided prompt, accurate, and dedicated help. CJ was impressed by ComboCurve’s focus on serving clients. Even outside regular business hours.

Improving Workflows: ComboCurve’s Impact On Mineral Rights And Royalties

Peregrine Energy Partners acquires mineral rights and royalties. CJ needed a tool that could create multiple economic models for a single property. ComboCurve was perfect. The platform shrank the time it takes to create economic models from days to minutes. This swift turnaround meant Peregrine could get feedback from their acquisition and sales teams a lot faster. This only accelerated operations further.

ComboCurve could also make reports that matched Peregrine’s existing format. This made it easy for the team to switch to a new system, even though some resisted the change at first.

Shaping Decisions: A Data-Driven Approach

ComboCurve significantly impacted team discussions and decision-making processes at Peregrine. They could see the data on mineral rights and royalties in real time. This let them ask questions and understand reports better. Transparent data helped refine their choices.

At first, CJ was the only ComboCurve user. He gradually extended access to the whole team. Once everyone was onboarded, they could dive deeper into the data. His team could play around with forecasts, pricing, and expenses, and ultimately gain a deeper understanding of their assets. This deeper knowledge helped improve decisions.

Embracing Change: Overcoming Initial Resistance

As we eluded to above, not everyone was excited about switching. Although CJ faced resistance, he knew they would love ComboCurve. Yes, the team was used to the old way and was hesitant to change. But he could bring them along.

CJ used his strong leadership skills and forward-thinking to show the team what ComboCurve could do. He highlighted how the platform could create immediate, custom-made reports. They saw how fast they could look at a deal from all angles. Before long, they were sold.

The team’s work improved right away. They found the information they needed more quickly. Finally, this made their processes faster and led to better decisions and stronger financial performance.

A New Chapter in Mineral Rights And Royalties

In brief, Peregrine Energy Partners, led by CJ Tibbs, Wolf Hanschen and Josh Prier, keeps innovating. They mix traditional knowledge with tech-driven ideas, making them unique. They inspire others to think differently.

CJ leads Peregrine with a focus on the future, always looking to use technology to exceed the company’s goals. With ComboCurve, Peregrine Energy Partners has put itself in a good position to keep growing despite the unpredictability in oil and gas markets. This assures a future where tradition and technology continue to blend, pushing the company to even greater heights.