Production Engineers: Can You Run the Economics on This?

December 13, 2023

The U.S Energy Information Administration estimates international demand for petroleum products will remain competitive through 2050. Production engineers are on the frontlines of the industry, optimizing well operations, analyzing production and economic potential, managing complex data sets, and making high-impact recommendations in the field.  

When a well goes down, how long does it take to get back online or to run the numbers on a workover? In a traditional workflow, production engineers will probably be waiting around for workover economics from another team. This drags out the well’s downtime and leads to lost hours and lowered production. What if your team could easily run workover economics and keep production flowing, no matter what comes up in the field? 

ComboCurve is a game-changer in field operations. Here’s how it transforms production engineering workflows and puts the Field and PE teams in control of their day-to-day operations. 

Data Integration and Management 

One of the biggest challenges in production engineering is managing vast amounts of data from various sources. ComboCurve offers a comprehensive solution, enabling teams to integrate data seamlessly from multiple platforms. Whether it’s production data, financial information, or reservoir characteristics, ComboCurve consolidates everything in one place. This significantly reduces the time spent on data gathering and validation. Teams can focus on running economics and solving production issues more efficiently.  

Advanced Analytics = Optimized Decisions 

The heart of an effective PE team is the ability to make informed decisions quickly. ComboCurve’s advanced analytics tools empower PE and Field teams to analyze well production trends, forecast future scenarios, and evaluate performance with precision. Run economics alongside the reservoir engineering team instead of switching tools, and easily share results between teams. Better data sharing and better communications lead to better decisions and increased well productivity (and profits!).  

Anyone Can Use ComboCurve 

ComboCurve is intuitive and user-friendly, so anyone can get up and running with minimal onboarding. The platform is designed to simplify workflows, ensuring that even the most complex analyses are accessible and straightforward. This ease of use translates to increased productivity, as engineers can navigate and use the platform without the steep learning curve usually associated with learning new software. 

Customizable Workflows Deliver Value 

Recognizing that no two production projects are the same, ComboCurve offers customizable workflows. This flexibility allows teams to tailor the platform to fit their specific project requirements, whether they’re dealing with conventional reservoirs or complex unconventional projects. There is also the ability to generate comprehensive production and economic memos, standardized reports, templates for streamlining approvals, and adjustable permissions to make sure data integrity is protected while each team retains visibility and control over their respective domains.  

ComboCurve is Cost-Effective and Timesaving 

In an industry where time is money, ComboCurve saves both without sacrificing accuracy. Teams that use ComboCurve have reported they go from forecast to economics in a matter of minutes (instead of hours). Having everyone in the company sharing data across one platform saves valuable time and effort when running economics, type curves, forecasting, and more. And automating many of the time-consuming tasks associated with production engineering frees up the team for more high-value activities that drive production and revenue goals.  

Analyzing complex reservoir data and getting fast, accurate workover economics can make or break an operator’s profitability. Efficiency and accuracy in the field aren’t just goals – they’re necessities. For production engineers that want faster access to economics and industry-leading speed and accuracy, ComboCurve offers an unparalleled solution.  

To see ComboCurve’s economics in action, schedule a demo. We can walk you through the various ways ComboCurve can streamline your operation’s workflows.   

See how your team can go from forecast to economics in minutes with energy’s fastest analysis engine.

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