2023 Wins: Three Product Updates That Will Change Operator Workflows

January 8, 2024

As we reflect on the journey of the past year, it's clear that 2023 was a transformative period for the energy sector and for ComboCurve. It was a year marked by resilience, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to excellence—a year where we not only envisioned the future of energy operations but actively shaped it with cutting-edge solutions. 

Our mission has always been to empower energy operators with the tools they need to navigate the complexities of the market, optimize their resources, and step confidently into a sustainable future. From enhancing economic modeling precision to integrating carbon planning into daily workflows, and fostering unparalleled collaboration amongst engineers, we’ve not only kept pace with the industry’s evolution but often stayed several strides ahead. 

Take a moment with us as we reflect on 2023’s most impactful product updates. This is more than a retrospective—it’s a celebration of progress and a blueprint for success. These are the advancements that have defined the last twelve months, and the tangible benefits they bring to your operations. You’ll see how every feature we introduced and every update we rolled out was designed with one goal in mind: to unlock new potential and propel your business forward. 

1,189 new users were onboarded in 2023 alone.



Streamlined Data Management: Run Reserves Faster with More Efficient Economic Modeling 

“Even with a recent human error where API 10 and 12 were not initially populating due to an oversight, once I added them, the views in ComboCurve were automatically updated to include them with the next scheduled update.”Daniel Golsch, Faulconer Energy 

From API Integration to adjusting CAPEX dynamically, we know you need fast, accurate data management to compete in the current market. That’s why we added or enhanced several key features to make data faster, more accurate, and easier to work with.  

  • Embedded Lookup Tables: ELTs simplify complex assumptions & scenarios, streamline economic modeling, and enable operators to adjust models dynamically.
  • Custom CSV and PDF Generation: Easily create tailored reports that adhere to company standards and enhance your ability to communicate financial insights. 
  • API Integration for Economic Data: API Integration is a breeze, and you can manage economic data through automated transfers, which saves time and reduces the potential for human error. 

 Carbon Planning Incorporated into Core Business Workflows 

Global, federal, and state emissions control regulations & requirements continued to change in 2023, and ComboCurve makes it easy to incorporate  carbon management & planning into your core business workflows.

  • Automated EPA Data:  Accessing historical emissions data has been made easier and allows for more accurate forecasting and compliance with environmental regulations.
  • Custom Calculation Node: Easily create bespoke emissions modeling with the flexibility to apply proprietary calculations. 
  • API & ComboSync for Carbon Data Management: Get the control and adaptability offered by these endpoints, while seamlessly integrating emissions management into your existing systems.

Seamless Standardization and Team Coordination from Field to HQ 

“Sharing my work in ComboCurve is the easiest way for me. I point [share codes] to the directory of the project I’m working on. A lot of times the teams we’re working in have different portals, so the share codes have been excellent,” – Garrett Chunn, Juniper Capital 

Standardization helps operators get jobs done faster, more accurately, and without the drama of everyone using their own configurations. ComboCurve now offers shareable & official company configurations that can keep everyone on the same page.

  • Sharing for User-Scoped Configurations: Foster standardization and collaboration across teams to streamline workflows and improve onboarding. 
  • Seamless Deal Codes for a Modern Data Room Experience: Stop downloading your massive legacy databases to your local drive to share with colleagues and partners. Start leveraging ComboCurve‘s end-to-end encrypted Share Codes for all your collaboration needs.

This year marked the beginning of ComboCurve’s journey toward being a comprehensive solution for energy workflows. As we continue to build on this success, we look forward to hearing your feedback and collaborating to create the industry’s fastest, most accurate, all-in-one solution.  

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