More Accurate Economics, A Roadmap for the Future, and Reinventing Workflows: 2023 ComboCurve Wrap-up

December 20, 2023

The year may be over, but we’re still building on the momentum gained in 2023. ComboCurve took a major step toward hardening the core platform in the last year, and the release of V35 solidified our foundation as the fastest growing new tech platform in energy. From strategic new hires to an incredibly successful Super User Group, 2023 marked some major milestones in our company. Here are a few highlights! 

ComboCurve 2023 Wrap Up

Improved Performance  

With the launch of V35, we built out compositional economics to achieve more accurate economic analysis with detailed gas analysis data, the ability to apply specific prices, and detailed stream properties for individual components. We also added configurable PDF reporting options to make it simple to create custom templates and reports. Users can now cut through the noise and deliver tailored reporting without needing design skills or additional programs.  

Another major win was the release of ComboCurve share codes. We removed the hassle of creating and sending massive .zip files every time you need to share data. With share codes, you simply choose the data you want to share, and in just a few clicks you’ll have an access code that gives other users access to your data. No .zip files. No file sharing. Just easier collaboration.  

“Collaboration between auditors and the reserves team is in one place with ComboCurve. With legacy software, you have to constantly send files to each other. If you change something, you have to send an updated file and it’s a hassle. But ComboCurve allows a reserves auditor or a consulting company to work in the same project with the company. It removes the need to transfer files and everything’s in one place. There’s no passing data around,” said CEO Armand Paradis.  

The V35 release wasn’t the only thing that made the platform more useful in 2023. We also launched three major enhancements early in the year:  

  • Group economics is a comprehensive way to evaluate cost and revenue, capital allocation and other project economics, so you can make smarter, more profitable decisions.  
  • AutoProximity gives you visibility into wellbore positions and well proximity to reduce risks and give you more accurate insights in the field. Half of our users are already using this feature in their workflows! 
  • Embedded lookup tables streamline data access and provide a seamless way to connect with and access multiple data sources. 

With these updates, ComboCurve took major steps toward being a completely integrated energy platform for operators, M&A professionals, banks, mineral companies, and anyone involved in the energy ecosystem.  

 “ComboCurve was built because we all come from backgrounds where we had to deal with the old, traditional way of doing things. We know the pain points that need to be alleviated, and we’re excited to be creating a solution that dissolves the old problems—it’s full circle for us,” said Executive Vice President of Product Doug McMaster. 

Strategic Hires 

To help us meet our ambitious goals in the coming years, key leadership appointments took place in 2023. Kirk Hanes joined us as the Chief Revenue Officer in April, and Kirk will play a pivotal role in expanding market share and introducing new customers to our unparalleled platform experience. 

In July, CJ Montano was appointed as Chief Technology Officer and brought 25 years of experience in software engineering, agile principles, and disruptive leadership to the team. He has already hit the ground running with strategic Platform Engineering hires that will empower our developers to innovate and drive improvements in the next phase of our growth. 

“Kirk and CJ bring decades of industry experience to the company, and they are well positioned to help take ComboCurve to the next level of its development. Through their respective teams, we’re continuing to build on our strengths while reaching new company milestones,” Paradis said.

ComboCurve CTO CJ Montano and CRO Kirk Hanes


Since ComboCurve first came on the scene with Series A funding in 2021, we have been recognized as an award-winning industry disrupter. This year was no different, as our company and its founders were awarded two major industry recognitions:  

ComboCurve Disruptive Technology of the Year Winner 2023  








Customer Wins: Validus  

Our customers also reported major wins this year—from finally getting their teams on the same platform to simplifying data sharing and cutting hours of work off their workflows. Digging into the details, Validus, a rising Denver-based operator, secured a $1.8 billion all-cash deal in 2022 and has been using ComboCurve to optimize its deal-making decisions.  

“Pulling wells into ComboCurve and forecasting them, being able to understand at a high level where production concentration is, understanding splits of horizontal versus vertical, production allocation, things like that – it’s been really helpful to digest what’s going to matter, and to have that assessment within two hours of getting data,” said Validus Senior Reservoir Engineer Scott Baker. 

The process to find and evaluate assets used to take five days, now it takes one. The company can bid on assets faster than competitors and avoid bidding wars. It has saved 80% of the team’s time and enabled them to make more lucrative deals.  

Having crucial extra days to evaluate deals has also helped them catch deal-breakers before it was too late. 

“ComboCurve helped us catch a detail we previously missed in the eleventh hour before submitting a bid that made us walk away. Had we had two fewer days of time and work on it, we might’ve gotten ourselves in a bad position,” Baker said. 

We have been thrilled to see our clients grow alongside us in 2023, and we can’t wait to see what they do with ComboCurve in 2024! 


Charting the Future with 2023’s Super User Group 

One of the biggest wins of 2023 was our second annual Super User Group in Houston. It tripled in size this year, and it was incredible to connect with so many power users and collaborate in person! We left no stone unturned in our breakout sessions, and we got excellent feedback on functionality and how to make our users’ jobs easier.



“We have a lot of one-on-one conversations with people but getting different power users together and hearing from all of them, we get more ideas and more opportunities to collaborate. That gets us all to a better place,” said Vice President of Customer Success Allyson Kidwell.  

Super User Groups allow everyone to share best practices, learn from each other, and give direct feedback that informs our product roadmap. This includes adding inventory well management features and making updates to map snapshots and map integration with configurable PDF reporting.  

“We’re looking at additional ways to support deal analysis and making it easier to troubleshoot investment questions, as well as features like saving maps to deal PDFs,” McMaster said. “It’s important to have direct connection with clients to gain real insights, empathy, diverse opinions and to stay ahead of emerging trends. It helps us prioritize what’s next and stay close to our clients’ challenges.” 

Whether customers are in person at a Super User Group, or in our member community online, we’ve loved providing space for them to collaborate and provide feedback this year.  

“It’s so amazing to hear what our customers come up with when they collaborate. Their use cases are important to each other, and when we have events for people who are interested in ComboCurve they can be paired with existing customers to find out why they love it,” Kidwell said. “Our power users combined with new users is nothing but magic for them.” 

The best ideas and innovations happen when we collaborate with our customers. So, we want to thank all the Super Users who participated this year—we can’t wait to see you again at the next event. 

ComboCurve is Just Getting Started…. 

From new features and releases to new team members and a total of 1,189 users onboarded, we’re excited about all that was accomplished in 2023. As we send thanks to all our clients and employees for making 2023 so successful, let’s keep the momentum going and make 2024 our best year yet! 




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