Oil and Gas Reserves: Using One Platform for Everything  

January 8, 2024

When it’s time for oil and gas reserves, it’s time to start suffering…or is it? There’s a good chance you spend reserves season frustrated by the headache of multiple runs, tiresome data exports, and juggling multiple platforms and spreadsheets just to get the job done. Good luck doing a waterfall; it’s going to take five or six runs to get that done in ARIES.

ComboCurve is Revolutionizing Oil and gas Reserves

And because you can’t do type curves there, you’ll go back and forth between different platforms. Managing multiple data sets, while you waste a massive amount of time preparing data files for sharing.  

Wouldn’t it be easier to do everything in one platform and get reserves done in a fraction of the time?  

ComboCurve is the only energy platform that offers everything you need for oil and gas reserves in one place. It houses all your workflows and data, so your team can get things done. Work simultaneously, collaborate seamlessly, and get reserves done and dusted faster than before. Whether you’re a reservoir engineer, financial analyst, consultant, or anyone involved in reporting, here’s how ComboCurve can revolutionize your reserves.   

“There are so many things I do daily where ComboCurve makes my job easier. It has become such an important tool in my work. I fear anyone not using ComboCurve for reserves or is hesitant about fully converting to ComboCurve, is just going to fall further behind.” – Luke Cone, Grit Oil and Gas 

Security & Software Compliance 

Is your team worried about having all your oil and gas reserves data in a cloud-based platform? It’s safer than they may think. Unlike storing your data on a local computer or server that can be stolen or tampered with, your data is secure in the cloud. ComboCurve is SOC 1 and SOC 2 compliant. Accounts are protected by two-factor authorization (2FA) and single sign-on (SSO). This prevents unauthorized access. Rigorous testing is done with each update to ensure security is maintained and economics are tied out with each release. You can have peace of mind that your data is secure and accurate.  

Auditor Approved 

Afraid your reserves reporting won’t measure up to industry standards? That’s not a concern here. Cawley, Gillespie & Associates has endorsed ComboCurve for oil and gas reserves analysis, validating its accuracy and reliability. Multiple operators have already adopted it as their reserves reporting tool, and this stamp of approval from auditors and operators proves you can get dependable and precise reserves reporting in one platform. 

When CGA meets with prospects, they often highlight ComboCurve’s ability to import and export ARIES and PHDwin projects. This showcases CGA’s creative approach to oil and gas auditing. 

Streamlined Collaboration and Database Sharing 

What if you could stop sending .zip files over a secure server every time you need to share data? ComboCurve makes data sharing seamless—from using our innovative share codes to importing data from multiple sources and easily exporting data to ARIES and other platforms. Customers report cutting hours (or days) from their total time doing oil and gas reserves. You can use share codes to provide instant data access to consultants, banks, and reserves auditors.  

Gone are the days of legacy software kicking you out of a database, too. With ComboCurve multiple users collaborating in the same database at the same time is never an issue.  

Precision Variances For the Win 

What about variance? The comparison between ComboCurve and ARIES can be striking. One of the customers that made the switch reported net reserves & PV10 variance at less than 0.1%, and nearly all variance could be tied to ComboCurve’s higher granularity. In an industry where tiny variances can have monumental impact, this level of granularity can contribute to big wins.  

Rapid Implementation 

How many years did it take to learn the multitude of programs and processes needed for traditional reserves? Get ready to slash that learning curve. The average organization implements ComboCurve for oil and gas reserves in less than three months. It was built to be intuitive and easy to learn, so even non-engineers can pick up and go when they need to work with the data. Speed up reserves and get other advanced features without risking months of downtime. 

Comprehensive Quality Control 

Have you ever used combos to speed up your workflow without sacrificing accuracy? With ComboCurve, you can use combos to do a waterfall of changed assumptions nearly instantly instead of waiting on five or six different runs in other platforms. There are also built-in type curves, comprehensive diagnostics to address high priority vs. problem wells, and the ability to compare multiple forecasts and EUR variance all within one dashboard. Get the quality control you need without needing to toggle between software and spreadsheets.  

ComboCurve is more than just an oil and gas reserves tool; it completely changes the reserves workflow. In an industry where margins can be slim and the speed and accuracy of analysis can make or break an operation, ComboCurve empowers teams to get a comprehensive view of their reserves with accuracy, efficiency, and confidence. What is more valuable than knowing the value of your assets accurately and quickly?  

See how your team can go from forecast to economics in minutes with energy’s fastest analysis engine.

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