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After a chance meeting with ComboCurve co-founder, Jeremy Gottlieb, at a networking event, Lindsey McCarty was intrigued. ComboCurve could streamline their workflows and enhance productivity, leading Lindsey to begin her ComboCurve journey.

With ComboCurve’s Auto-Forecast and Auto-Proximity tools, Selenite can perform forecasts on large packages or even entire basins in minutes.


As the Chief Operating Officer of Selenite Energy Partners, a structured capital finance company, Lindsey McCarty navigates the complexities of oil and gas with a team of four. Given the size of her team vs. the scale of their tasks, she needed a tool that could bring a transformative boost in efficiency and collaboration. With 15 years of experience and deep knowledge of reservoir engineering, Lindsey knew exactly what her evolving business needed. The struggle was finding it.

Solution & Impact

Fortunately, we launched the unified solution she imagined right on time. After adopting ComboCurve in 2022, Selenite could generate forecasts and type curves quickly and easily in one place. They could integrate files from various partners seamlessly, foster effective teamwork, and simplify data sharing. ComboCurve’s automated data management capabilities saved significant time and simplified processes by ranking data sources based on importance.


Tasks that took three to four hours now took less than two hours, thanks to ComboCurve. Speed sells and when you can rapidly evaluate deals while performing in-depth technical and analytical studies at this rate, you gain a significant edge over competitors. On top of agility, ComboCurve’s unique ability to create accurate high-level overviews alongside accessible and precise detailed reports is unmatched.

Auto-forecasting let her rapidly analyze thousands of wells while custom profiles gave her greater control over the forecasting process. ComboCurve also made it easy to choose a subset of producing wells to create type curves, greatly accelerating the analysis process. Lindsey exports results to Excel or ARIES for further review and presentation with ease.

Selenite Energy Partners’ Return on Investment

Selenite transformed its processes, boosted performance, and enhanced speed.

Effortless Insights From Anywhere

Lindsey's team got immediate access to data for any well in the US, Canada, and the Gulf of Mexico from anywhere with an internet connection and a web browser.

Seamless Collaboration and Data Integration

ComboCurve made it easy to collaborate with colleagues. Smooth exports to Excel, ARIES, and PHDwin simplified and accelerated the speed of Selenite's business.

Fast-Tracked Forecasting

Selenite gained a significant speed advantage with features like auto-forecasting making it easy to forecast thousands of wells quickly.

User-Driven Innovation

Regular updates based on user feedback ensures ComboCurve's ongoing adaptability and responsiveness in the rapidly evolving energy sector.

Prompt and Effective Personalized Support

ComboCurve's customer service provided rapid responses and effective problem-solving, contributing to a seamless user experience.

Significant Time Savings

Reduced time spent on forecasting, type curves, and economic analysis by over 50% in some instances.

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