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Double Eagle Maximizes Efficiency and Lowers Year-End Costs Through A Streamlined Workflow with ComboCurve

Double Eagle facilitates Reserves Management and A&D using ComboCurve, leveraging its capabilities to cut down on time and personnel requirements and reduce their year-end expenses.

Caliber Resource Partners Maximizes A&D Efficiency with ComboCurve

Caliber Resource Partners realized the potential of ComboCurve in its first year. ComboCurve, an all-in-one A&D tool, combines features like auto-forecasting, collaboration, link-sharing, and bi-directionality in one cloud-based software.


CounterPoint Analytix Adopts ComboCurve to Accelerate Investment Decisions in Oil and Gas

CounterPoint Analytix, a strategic consulting firm for alternative capital providers, grappled with the task of consistently finding and assessing investment opportunities in the oil and gas sector. Paul, the founder, needed to perform thorough due diligence, establish clear capital arrangements, and promptly complete investment deals.

How Peregrine Energy Uses ComboCurve to See the Big Picture

CJ Tibbs, the founder of Peregrine Energy, LLC, needed to bridge the communication gap between non-technical teams and highly technical reservoir engineers. Peregrine Energy witnessed a monumental shift in their operations with ComboCurve.

Selenite Case Study

Selenite Energy Partners Enhances Productivity With ComboCurve

After a chance meeting with ComboCurve co-founder, Jeremy Gottlieb, at a networking event, Lindsey McCarty was intrigued. ComboCurve could streamline their workflows and enhance productivity, leading Lindsey to begin her ComboCurve journey.

ComboCurve Helps Cawley, Gillespie & Associates Win New Business

Cawley, Gillespie & Associates (CGA) needed a software solution to manage large volumes of well data accurately and efficiently and execute complex analyses. The key requirement was a tool that could enhance operational efficiency, promote real-time collaboration among team members, and expand CGA's service offerings.

How EQT Used ComboCurve Automation to Save Engineers Time and Stress

EQT came to ComboCurve for an intuitive forecasting and reserves solution it could scale without adding significantly more horsepower and headcount. The Reserves team wanted to employ automation statistics and ensure uniformity in its forecasting workflows.

How Grenadier Energy Scaled Its Exploration Workflows with ComboCurve

Effectively screen and evaluate assets on a large scale across the entire United States. Grenadier Energy needed to quickly pivot from looking at assets in a focused area in one county to assessing acreage across the country.