Oil and Gas A&D: Rapid Evaluation and Going Beyond Speed

February 27, 2024

In the lightning-fast world of acquisitions and divestitures (A&D), time is the ultimate competitive advantage. For A&D firms, the ability to evaluate deals rapidly and accurately is not just a benefit—it's the difference between a major win or losing out to the competition. This is why deal closers are turning to ComboCurve’s advanced auto-forecasting engine and all-in-one data management to get an edge in deal making.  

Rapid Evaluation: The Heart of Oil and Gas A&D  

In Oil and Gas A&D transactions, every minute counts. The deal landscape is competitive, and that competition is only growing after 2023’s banner year for O&G acquisitions. Analysts predict that deal frenzy will continue through 2024 and beyond, with a Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas survey showing 77% of O&G executives expect major exploration and production deals to continue for at least the next two years.   

Legacy workflows are bogged down by multiple platforms, manual processes, and outdated technology that stand in the way of fast and accurate decision-making. That’s where ComboCurve users have experienced a paradigm shift. 

Scott Baker of Validus Energy uses ComboCurve for production forecasting and says it’s miles ahead of their legacy workflows.  

“A lot of the time, there is just so much work to be done, there is no time to just think through the outputs, figure out if it makes sense, and identify what really matters. Being able to save three or four days in that three-week [deal analysis] timeframe is so valuable,” he says.  

It’s a common problem for anyone involved in analyzing deals, as Caliber VP of Engineering Justin Wheeler can confirm.  

“[With legacy workflows] it would take days. I would spend 90% of the evaluation time forecasting and 10% of the time doing the actual analysis,” Justin says. “Now, it’s probably closer to flipped. I can burn through forecasts but also have the ability to be in control of it if I see some weirdness in the data. Then to jump to the underwriting part: Is this something we’re interested in and how much are we willing to pay?”   

ComboCurve users leverage advanced prediction algorithms and industry-leading type curve engines to analyze numerous scenarios in a fraction of the time it took with legacy systems. This speed is not just about being fast; it’s about being first in line for the best opportunities. 

Going Beyond Speed: Comprehensive Forecasting  

ComboCurve’s edge doesn’t stop with speed. It extends to a comprehensive suite of forecasting tools. Whether it’s offset forecasts, decline curve analysis, or financial modeling, ComboCurve offers a robust approach to oil and gas A&D analysis. The platform is designed to be user-friendly yet incredibly powerful, ensuring that even the most complex deals can be evaluated with precision. 

“I’ve done a basin Y evaluation of 8,000 wells, that was my base starting point, and that’s a couple weeks of work to do a forecast of an entire basin. In ComboCurve the forecasts were done in a few minutes because it’s a sheer well count, and my QC took an hour or two. I would’ve been faster, but that’s my own problem in that scenario. The QC only takes a few hours and now I have a basin project that I’m only updating as deals come in,” Justin says.   

ComboCurve’s advanced proximity tools allow users to evaluate assets in relation to their surroundings, providing a deeper understanding of potential, even where there is limited production data. This level of detail can be the difference between a good deal and a great one. 

Getting Deals Done: The Power of Integration & Communication 

Oil and Gas A&D analyses require monumental amounts of data. The ability to access public and proprietary data in one platform, as well as easy integrations and data conversions, is a bonus that goes beyond speed. Caliber CEO, Shilpa Abbitt was one of ComboCurve’s early adopters and praised the support team’s ability to get Caliber up and running quickly, even with the complexity of their data needs.  

“We’re data-driven and willing to try different products rather than build it out ourselves,” she says. “Most tools are self-contained, so that’s harder for us to do. What ComboCurve offered was the ability to easily go back and forth from Aries and that was a big deal for us.”  

In addition to seamlessly integrating with legacy platforms and workflows, the ComboCurve team provided hands-on service when it came to making sure their investment committee could easily access data for review. Their asset under management reports could also be forecast in ComboCurve, which brought all their critical numbers together under one roof.  

“ComboCurve allows you to go through forecasts in significantly less time than any other tool, so you can evaluate more deals. And it’s easy to use. People can learn it fast and run with it,” she says.  

In fact, there have been times when Shilpa herself has had to jump in and look through data herself. She says she was able to learn the system in just a few minutes and could get what she needed quickly. Compare that to the months, or years, spent learning legacy systems!  

“It’s so much easier for one engineer to run the forecasts and the next person can just flip through their work, whereas the old way with Aries we all would’ve had to huddle around their computer and wait,” she says. “Sending to the investment committee is also easier, it’s a lot of savings.” 

A Platform that Redefines Efficiency 

ComboCurve offers oil and gas A&D deal closers (and those who opt to forego a deal) a significant competitive advantage. It’s not just a tool; it’s a comprehensive solution that overhauls the entire spectrum of A&D activities. From faster deal evaluation to advanced forecasting and exceptional support, ComboCurve is redefining what it means to be competitive in oil and gas A&D.

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