ComboCurve: The All-in-One Solution for Small Operators

July 10, 2024

What does a ComboCurve champion look like? Look no further than Leslie Armentrout, CEO of Silver Cross Energy Partners. Leslie not only made the choice to embrace ComboCurve when founding her own operating company. She also went all-in on her investment, using CC for A&D, reserves, and asset management. She now considers ComboCurve the all-in-one solution for small operators.

ComboCurve: The All-in-One Solution for Small Operators 

When Leslie established her own company in early 2023, she chose ComboCurve as an all-in-one solution for Silver Cross after examining every aspect of the software. What ultimately led her to this decision was the need to conduct A&D evaluations very quickly. The prospect of extensive data manipulation required to keep up with the deal flow using PHDwin single-handedly meant increased costs, added complexity, and reliance on technicians.

I was going to have to pay for technical support and deal with the time-consuming process of sending things back and forth explaining everything. OR I could go with ComboCurve and do most of it myself, right?

Many organizations heavily rely on antiquated workflows

Leslie candidly reveals that it took her three years to consider ComboCurve. Her reluctance was primarily rooted in organizational dependencies, given ARIES’ deep integration into various critical processes. 

 “Everybody links to ARIES in big organizations, so it’s going to be almost impossible for you to switch because everybody is linked to planning processes, like strategic plans. The finance group will link to the reserves team’s Aries database so they can see daily production even though they shouldn’t be getting daily production out of ARIES.” She explains. “Sometimes we depend on ARIES to calculate the daily nets for us. It’s crazy how much ARIES becomes the go-to datamart in an organization.” 

ARIES out, ComboCurve in

Integrating ComboCurve as an all-in-one solution for small operators transformed Leslie’s workflow by significantly reducing the time needed for forecasting and A&D evaluations. What used to take days with ARIES could now be completed in just minutes. 

Check out our previous article about Leslie’s transition from an ARIES power user to ComboCurve power user, including in-depth comparisons between the two platforms for A&D and Reserves.

Issues with ARIES
  • ARIES had issues with error-checking exercises, making the modeling process tedious.
  • ARIES complicated data organization and became a central data warehouse, leading to data ownership and consistency challenges.
  • Multiple users in ARIES faced integration problems, and forecasting was constrained when multiple users worked on the same well.
Advantages of ComboCurve
  • ComboCurve eliminates the need for ARIES as a data warehouse and simplifies data management.
  • The ease of use in ComboCurve, and the ability to work on multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • ComboCurve provides quick and efficient forecasting, allowing users to tune forecasts more effectively than ARIES.
  • ComboCurve’s pricing information is valuable and simplifies the valuation process.

Leslie highlights the efficiency gains with ComboCurve, such as user-friendly output formats, transparent forecasting, and reduced time for extensive runs compared to legacy workflows. The challenges of managing multiple databases and version controls in older systems further reinforce the need for ComboCurve. 

ComboCurve pays off in spades

Recognizing the substantial benefits that ComboCurve holds over alternatives like ARIES and PHDwin, Leslie presented the financial perspective. She emphasized the long-term value, peace of mind, and efficiency gains that outweigh the initial investment.

I basically said to my partners, ‘Right now you’ve got the most efficient version of Leslie. If we go and invest in the cheaper option versus ComboCurve, we’re going to save money up front, but trust me, we are going to waste far more than the dollars saved of my time, with me dealing with databases and having to hire and interface with technical support to keep up with our deal flow.’

– Leslie Armentrout, CEO Silver Cross Energy Partners

Opting for ComboCurve meant a higher initial cost, but it freed Leslie from extensive personnel and time-based interactions, allowing her to take charge of most tasks independently. Small operators can transform operations, drive efficiency, and take full control of their workflows by adopting ComboCurve. ComboCurve continues to demonstrate its position as the all-in-one-solution for small operators. 

Stay tuned for more insights from industry leaders who have embraced the future with ComboCurve. In case you missed it, you can view Part I on Leslie Armentrout’s story here

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