ComboCurve Shapes Oil and Gas Tech in 2024

The ComboCurve Product in 2024: Exceeding Customer Needs and Shaping Oil and Gas Tech

The major problem with legacy software is there isn’t one solution that handles everything you need. Traditional reservoir workflows involve navigating data silos and complex workflows that require multiple programs to analyze capital decisions, asset performance, forecasting, economics, and emissions tracking. That’s a lot of software, and a lot of hours wasted in a week. In 2024, ComboCurve is scaling up and creating a singular toolbox that enables people across the energy sector to collaborate and forecast in one place.  

Quality Control and Collaboration: How Cloud-Based ComboCurve is Redefining Reserves Management

Reserves can be a stressful time. If you’re working with traditional processes, you’re probably putting in a lot more time than you’d like. From doing a waterfall with five to six runs to trying to figure out variance from previous forecasts, the old way of doing things involves multiple programs and plenty of room for error.

ComboCurve is Revolutionizing Oil and gas Reserves

Oil and Gas Reserves: Using One Platform for Everything  

When it’s time for oil and gas reserves, it’s time to start suffering…or is it? There’s a good chance you spend reserves season frustrated by the headache of multiple runs, tiresome data exports, and juggling multiple platforms and spreadsheets just to get the job done. Good luck doing a waterfall; it’s going to take five or six runs to get that done in ARIES.

Precise Analytics, Comprehensive Reservoir Studies: 7 Reasons Reservoir Teams Need ComboCurve

Complex reservoir systems require complex data solutions. Whether you’re producing forecasts, generating complex scenarios for reservoir planning, or collaborating with other teams to optimize reservoir development you’re managing massive datasets. Most reservoir engineers spend hours each day navigating between platforms to make accurate, trustworthy asset recommendations, and traditional workflows slow down decision-making and innovation. 

Validus Energy Trusts ComboCurve

Industry Veteran Validus Energy Trusts ComboCurve to Hunt for its Next Asset

You may have heard of Denver-based operator Validus Energy, who sold its Eagleford assets to Devon in a 1.8 billion all-cash deal in 2022.

Production Engineers: Can You Run the Economics on This?

The U.S Energy Information Administration estimates international demand for petroleum products will remain competitive through 2050. Production engineers are on the frontlines of the industry, optimizing well operations, analyzing production and economic potential, managing complex data sets, and making high-impact recommendations in the field.  

ComboCurve’s Share Codes: Say Goodbye to Massive .Zip Files and Hello to Collaboration

Garrett Chunn spends multiple hours a day analyzing data in his role as Juniper Capital's Senior Vice President. As a private equity firm that analyzes A&D opportunities as well as the productive potential of existing company assets, Garrett not only analyzes reserves, measures how forecasts meet reality, and runs multiple forecasting and economic models—he also needs a seamless way to share that data.

Report What You Want to Report: The 5 Types of People Who Need Configurable PDFs

Not everyone needs the same information when analyzing oil and gas assets and reserves. One size won’t fit all in a world where reserves auditors need specific data in their reporting, and that same report won’t help executives or asset engineers get clear insights into how to optimize operations in the field.

Reserves Reporting Accuracy: How Consultants are Using ComboCurve

Reserves Reporting Accuracy: How Consulting Firms are Using ComboCurve

Reserves reporting can make or break an operation. Sitting at the helm of reserves reporting for a plethora of companies across the oil and gas industry is Adam Null, COO of Wright & Company, Inc.