Precise Analytics, Comprehensive Reservoir Studies: 7 Reasons Reservoir Teams Need ComboCurve

January 4, 2024

Complex reservoir systems require complex data solutions. Whether you’re producing forecasts, generating complex scenarios for reservoir planning, or collaborating with other teams to optimize reservoir development you’re managing massive datasets. Most reservoir engineers spend hours each day navigating between platforms to make accurate, trustworthy asset recommendations, and traditional workflows slow down decision-making and innovation. 

ComboCurve transforms the way reservoir engineering teams work by offering a more efficient, accurate, and collaborative approach to reservoir studies. Reserves teams reconcile hundreds, sometimes thousands, of wells and many disparate data sources. ComboCurve simplifies the process and brings all your data into one place, so you can get faster, accurate analysis and get on with your day. 

Precise Analysis for Informed Decisions
Precision is crucial for analyzing reservoir behavior. At the core of ComboCurve’s platform is a unified toolbox where all your data and workflows come together to create one source of truth. Reservoir engineers are tasked with understanding complex basins, a challenge that demands high accuracy and detailed insights. ComboCurve’s advanced analytical tools and unparalleled data integrations allow engineers to dig deep into reservoir data, identifying patterns and anomalies that can inform extraction strategies. With features like proximity forecasting, auto-forecasting, and scenario analysis, engineers can forecast future reservoir performance and make informed decisions that maximize output while minimizing risk. 

A New Way to Work
Reservoir engineering teams don’t have time for redundant paradigms. ComboCurve combines the capabilities found in tools like ARIES, PHDWin, and Spotfire, into one integrated platform. Forecast wells, build type curves, run economics, schedule production, and plan for SEC GHG reporting regulations with one tool—and all the teams in your company can work from the same datasets instead of passing data back and forth between software solutions. No more massive .zip files to exchange data. ComboCurve pioneered share codes to make data sharing simple. Plus, it’s web-based and SOC 2 compliant for data security, so the entire team can get up and running with just a web browser.  

Streamline Long-term Planning
Long-term, strategic reservoir planning is vital for long-term profitability. ComboCurve gives you the flexibility to mass forecast thousands of wells with customizable multi-segment Arps rate and ratio DCA as well as precise manual edit modes to fine-tune your output. Create economic models from scratch or mass import assumptions to quickly generate waterfalls or run multiple economic cases simultaneously. ComboCurve’s robust economics engine combined with automated and manual type curve workflows help you get granular, data-driven insights that drive successful long-term strategic planning.  

Enhance Collaboration
What if you could get your entire organization on the same page? ComboCurve is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, no matter who’s looking at the data. Engineers, geologists, field operators, and management can easily share insights and data, and cloud-based access ensures everyone has direct access to the data they need, anytime and anywhere. There are administrative controls to customize each team’s experience, but teams no longer have to juggle multiple platforms or cumbersome file sharing. This accessibility speeds up the decision-making process and ensures that all decisions are based on the latest, most accurate data. 

Comprehensive Reservoir Studies
For the reservoir team specifically, ComboCurve eliminates the need to switch between different platforms for analysis, modeling, and reporting. This consolidation saves time and provides seamless access to data while reducing the likelihood of errors that can occur when transferring data between different systems. With one access point, the team can easily migrate historical forecasts and existing workflows into ComboCurve and get robust, comprehensive forecasting, type curves and economics with just a few clicks.  

Confidence in Critical Decisions
Reservoir engineers need to answer critical questions about reservoir performance and planning with confidence. The platform’s robust analytical capabilities, coupled with its comprehensive data integration, mean that engineers have a clear and accurate picture of the reservoir when they need it. ComboCurve is SOC 2 compliant and before each release data security is certified and economics are tied out to ensure the highest level of security and accuracy. 

Tailored User Experience
Despite its advanced capabilities, ComboCurve is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. Engineers and other professionals can adopt it without extensive training. Unlike legacy data analysis programs, it won’t take five or ten years to learn the platform. ComboCurve’s streamlined interface and user-friendly features make it easy for non-engineers and people who don’t usually run data to understand how to get the information they need without getting bogged down with jargon. Most organizations implement ComboCurve for reserves in less than three months 

ComboCurve is more than just a software solution; it’s a new way of doing reservoir planning and management. With precise analysis, centralized data, and intuitive navigation, your team can create more effective extraction strategies, enhance cross-team collaboration, and bring together all your essential data and tools. Take back your time, without sacrificing accuracy, with ComboCurve. 


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