Reservoir Efficiency: Selenite Energy Partners’ Experience with ComboCurve

August 7, 2023

As the Chief Operating Officer of Selenite Energy Partners, a structured capital finance company, Lindsey McCarty has been navigating the nuances of oil and gas for over 15 years.

Reservoir Efficiency

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Lindsey recently shared how, even for a lean and nimble team, ComboCurve can transform reservoir efficiency, collaboration, and results.

Discovering ComboCurve & Reservoir Efficiency

Lindsey first heard of ComboCurve not long after its launch in 2020. It was stirring up the industry with its fresh solutions and standout features. Then she bumped into ComboCurve’s co-founder, Jeremy Gottlieb, at a networking event, further sparking her curiosity. Over time, as Selenite’s business grew and their types of analyses varied, she saw ComboCurve could significantly streamline her job. She reached out to Jeremy and started her ComboCurve journey.

Seamless Integration and Collaboration

ComboCurve has been a game-changer for Selenite’s team of four. Lindsey can quickly and easily generate forecasts and type curves in one place. The process to share data and results with her team in an easily understandable format is seamless.

Lindsey is a big fan of ComboCurve’s versatility and knack for handling databases of all sorts. It makes her job easier by smoothly integrating files from other companies, potential partners, and counterparties, fostering effective teamwork and data sharing. When you can automatically manage production data, ranking data sources based on importance, you save outrageous time and hassle in your processes.

ComboCurve's Reservoir Efficiency Software: Eagleford Basin Forecasting

Driving Immediate Productivity Gains

From Lindsey’s perspective, increased reservoir efficiency is the top benefit of adopting ComboCurve. It’s a significant advantage over competitors when you can assess countless deals and carry out in-depth technical and analytical studies so quickly. But it’s not just about ComboCurve’s speed. Its ability to deliver accurate brief high-level overviews alongside precise detailed reports is unmatched.

She values ComboCurve’s sleek interface and superior type curve-building capabilities. It delivers a smoother user experience and syncs well with different software systems, enhancing her workflows at every turn.

The Immediate Impact of Better Forecasting and Type Curves

Lindsey describes her onboarding with ComboCurve as super smooth. After a brief training session, she started using parts of ComboCurve right away. The immediate boost in productivity was unprecedented. Tasks that used to take three to four hours were done in under two hours, and sometimes even just one.

Lindsey loves having instant, ongoing access to data for any well in the US, Canada, and the Gulf of Mexico. The auto-forecasting feature in ComboCurve, which gives instant forecasts, lets her analyze thousands of wells quickly. This saves time, and the ability to create custom profiles gives her control over the forecasting process, rather than blindly trusting a black-box approach.

She also emphasizes the importance of the type curve function within ComboCurve. She often uses the forecasts created for the producing wells as a basis for choosing a subset of those wells to create type curves, a process greatly sped up by ComboCurve. Technical work can be exported and interfaces seamlessly with Excel and ARIES as needed.

ComboCurve's Reservoir Efficiency Software: Eagleford Basin Type Curves

The Bottom Line: ComboCurve Delivers Value

ComboCurve has added tremendous value for Selenite Energy Partners and its reservoir efficiency. It significantly speeds up analyses and decision-making processes, boosting productivity and cost-effectiveness. As a tool made for the user and the industry, ComboCurve bridges the gap between intricate analyses and understandable results. This simplifies insights and sharing among stakeholders and team members.

Lindsey applauds ComboCurve’s dedication to constant improvement, regularly adding new features based on user feedback. This, coupled with the platform’s adaptability in response to shifting industry needs, guarantees its usefulness in a fast-paced, evolving sector.

She is particularly grateful for the outstanding customer service from ComboCurve’s team. Quick responses and effective problem-solving contribute to a harmonious user experience. This kind of responsiveness and commitment to customer satisfaction have only strengthened Selenite’s ties with ComboCurve.

In Lindsey’s words, ComboCurve is “a game-changer. I recommend it not just to reservoir engineers, but also to anyone who needs to analyze data and build type curves. The software’s user-friendly interface and responsive customer service make it an indispensable tool.”

Selenite Energy Partners’ experience with ComboCurve shows embracing modern, intuitive cloud-based solutions can give a real edge to companies of any size. Its high compatibility with existing tools, robust suite of features, and support with a sense of urgency make ComboCurve a natural source for operators of all sizes.