Selenite Energy Partners’ Experience Using ComboCurve

October 24, 2023

In this video, Selenite Energy Partners' COO Lindsey McCarty shares how using ComboCurve has improved her reservoir efficiency. Lindsey, a reservoir engineer, shares her journey with ComboCurve, highlighting its seamless integration, immediate productivity gains, and unmatched forecasting capabilities.


Video Transcript

Lindsey’s Background

My name is Lindsey McCarty. I am a petroleum engineer by background, and I am COO of Selenite Energy Partners.  

We are a structured capital finance company and a portfolio company of Carnelian Energy Capital.  

My background is in petroleum engineering.  

I heard about ComboCurve three or four years ago, and it was a fairly new product and kind of disrupting the industry so,I heard about it through colleagues.  

Our business model is unique in that the types of analysis that I do and the types of deals that we are analyzing has changed through the years and as commodity price changes, it changes.  

And so we got to a point in the last year where this tool, in particular, was something that we felt could really help expedite my job, and so efficiency is really key for us.  

Onboarding with ComboCurve

The onboarding experience of ComboCurve was really seamless. What I appreciated about the process was that it was very much steered by my questions and by what I needed out of it.  

After the initial onboarding session, I was immediately able to use parts of ComboCurve, and because we focused on the parts that mattered most to me, I was immediately able to use the part of ComboCurve that I really subscribed for at that time which was the type curve building.  

After that first session, I was able to independently load data, pull it in, forecast it, and build a type curve that day.  

Selenite Energy Partners’ Process

We are a small company and so I would say that the outputs that I generate from ComboCurve make their way to everyone at the company in some way, shape, or form.  

So specifically, I take outputs from forecasts and tight curves and those go to my coworker who manages our Excel models, our financial models.  

And then beyond that all of the data and plots and such are used in a number of different ways, primarily in presentations and documentation and deals that we look at for you know, investment committee decisions and internal decisions.  

And so all of that is heavily leveraged by everyone here. I really value ComboCurve as a tool for a couple of different primary reasons.  

How ComboCurve Offers Value

One is efficiency. It makes my job faster, and so I need to be able to do the deep dive highly technical analytical analysis, but I also need to be able to get an idea of how things look pretty quickly and high level.  

And ComboCurve works really well in both of those capacities so it’s nice to have one tool that does both.  

I’m always receiving databases from other people and ComboCurve can take that in a number of different formats and ingest it and put it into ComboCurve and that is very valuable for me because I don’t have to then know four different reservoir engineering economic engine software.  

I can know one really well and use any format that I might receive in.  

And from a type curve building standpoint, ComboCurve offers a more modern interface.  

The improvements made to my process are primarily the type curve building functionality is one that I did not have before. 

I have used other software in the past but within the last few years but did not have one of those and that was a fairly manual process for me.  

That has really expedited my type curve building and it’s modern, it’s intuitive, it’s clean.  


And that is unique in the space of reservoir engineering economic modeling software. It can be really overwhelming and daunting to contemplate learning a new software.  

ComboCurve felt like a much easier software to adjust for me, largely because it is web-based and just the design makes it really intuitive and easy to learn.  

ComboCurve is clearly set up to work really, really hand in glove with the other tools that I rely on.  

ComboCurve has export options directly into Excel in a very clean and usable way and directly into Aries in a very clean and usable way.  

It took that concern and that element completely out of the equation. In terms of time savings, I can–something that probably would have taken me three or four hours before, probably will now takes sub two, maybe 1, so it has it has really made a difference in my workflow and allows me to be a lot more efficient and generate a lot more work.  

Which is great! 

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