Elk Range Royalties Skyrockets Mineral Acquisition Success

Elk Range Royalties Skyrockets Mineral Acquisition Success

Elk Range Royalties has boosted its operational capabilities by transitioning from ARIES to ComboCurve for its mineral acquisitions. This strategic shift has been instrumental in scaling operations, notably through the integration of essential APIs and extensive support from our Customer Success team. Samantha Johnson provides a comprehensive overview of how ComboCurve is utilized for acquisitions and reserves management at Elk Range, significantly amplifying their capacity to manage a workload five times greater than before.

The ComboCurve Origin Story, Armand paradis

The ComboCurve Origin Story

Having launched just four years ago in 2020, ComboCurve has emerged as a frontrunner in the oil and gas tech space, surpassing legacy software that has dominated the industry for over four decades. Ever wondered how ComboCurve came to be? 

Founder and CEO, Armand Paradis, recently joined Yogashri Pradhan, host of the PetroPapers podcast, to discuss how the pressing need for a more efficient solution in the industry, frustrations with the limitations of legacy workflows, and his driving force were behind the development of ComboCurve. Additionally, he provided insights into ComboCurve's ongoing developments and refinements, the company's remarkable growth, and his vision and direction for its future.