3 Ways to Maximize Your Mineral Returns with ComboCurve

Mineral acquisitions are fiercely competitive and demand timely action - if you want to get the best deals. Unlike non-op opportunities or overrides, where you have a few days to send in your deals, the energy industry has reached a point where fast action is crucial and not just beneficial for mineral acquisitions. Not to mention that even with rapid bid submissions, the acceptance rate can be low with only about 10% of submitted bids resulting in successful deals.

oil and gas audit services

Oil and Gas Audit Services: Streamlining Workflows

Perform oil and gas audit services with ease. Quickly forecast new client baselines, create auditable type curves, diagnose well variances, and collaborate in the cloud with the most robust analysis engine in energy.

oil and gas reservoir management

Oil and Gas Reservoir Management: 5 Lakewood Energy Wins

ComboCurve streamlines your entire oil and gas reservoir management workflow. You accomplish work faster while uncovering greater insights.

petroleum engineering

Petroleum Engineering w/ ComboCurve in Under 5 Minutes

4 days for 1 person to run petroleum engineering workflows on forecasts, type curves, etc., each month, means you're losing 1,152 hours annually.

oil and gas economic valuation

Oil and Gas Economic Valuation: How to Standardize Workflows

Operators of all sizes struggle with disjointed oil and gas economic valuation workflows. Engineers across the industry waste precious time searching for the most recent data or the right software. Rather than focusing on crucial tasks, they are chasing down that latest TPS report.

Mineral Rights And Royalties - CJ Tibbs

Mineral Rights and Royalties: Peregrine Energy Keeps Winning

CJ Tibbs founded Peregrine Energy LLC in 2013 to focus on acquiring minerals and royalties. Based in Dallas, Texas, the company has since spread its wings with an additional office in Denver, Colorado. In less than a decade, Peregrine Energy has grown its influence thanks to its balance of industry experience and tech-driven innovation.

in oil and gas software solutions

Oil and Gas Software Solutions: ComboCurve’s Proven Security

Here at ComboCurve, we have a deep appreciation of the critical role your data plays in maximizing oil and gas production. It is more than a pool of facts and figures; it is the lifeblood that powers your organization and the keystone in your path to success. Our primary mission? To deliver unparalleled vigilance in securing this vital asset, creating an ecosystem where information security isn't a mere promise, but a principle we live by.

oil and gas auditing

Oil and Gas Auditing: Cawley, Gillespie & Associates Lead The Way

Oil and gas auditing demands optimal efficiency and accuracy. Jennifer Harpel shares how Cawley, Gillespie, & Associates uses ComboCurve to save countless hours.

oil and gas forecasting software

Oil and Gas Forecasting Software: How to Combat Complexity

Complex and siloed tasks present distinct hurdles across the energy sector. ComboCurve oil and gas forecasting software can help.

The Keys to Meeting the World’s Energy Needs in 2023

Incorporating emission reduction strategies into existing operations plans is the key to finding ways to prioritize several competing emissions reductions projects.